Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ukhuwah is Sweet >> Spending Time Together is So Fun

Yesterday was fun!!Alhamdulillah....Jazakillah to all the makcik2 who made the outing happen. and also..thanks to them for the previous discussion session, of course.. it was a gem.. a very precious gem of the week... a week's provision for my imaan. insyaAllah, if time allows it, i will share those gems here. The works of translation and typing must be done first though.... really got to be closer to the friends in Johor. if previously we only met mostly at formal sessions, this time it is a bit different, which is nice. And u guys sure are good at playing those games..

the archery session... that was super fun. we went laughing all the way. and took a lot of pics. hope the person with the camera can send some pics to me. Though... undoubtedly my left hand is still sore from pulling the bow. Archery made me wonder... how did the sahabahs did it during the war? How did they untiringly shot arrows upon arrows, whereas i am absolutely tired by the tenth arrow i shot. and how did they manage to shoot fast moving targets as well... I did not manage to even shoot well the target circle (is that the name for it? hehehe..). I think I was enjoying myself a lot, and alhamdulillah, i even get a free game from the guy taking care of the counter. (^_^)

Bowling time was also nice. Though i was a bit sad because not all of us get to go. One car went back earlier. But the game was fun. Though yesterday i didn't really play well, but hey.. i don't mind much. Because being there with them all is fun enough.

Thank the people who made the outing possible. And thanks to those who let us 'tumpang' their cars to the mall. and thank you.. to all of you who came. and thank you, Allah... You let me meet up with those great people, and allowed me to be there with them.

To those of you entering university after this, i'll be missing you guys..
>>Ukhuwah is beautiful... if we can meet and part in the cause of Allah<<

take good care of your imaan wherever you are. Remember the jewels we had gained yesterday, and all those we gained previously. Use them well... and search for more where you are. May we still be in this path towards Him wherever we are, and remain in this path, till we meet Him, out Owner and Creator.

Uhibbukum fiLlah wa liLlah..abadan abada!!


mujahidah said...

best nye coz u can have fun with all sahibah...
that would be really nice...

Humayra' said...

hope to have times like these again... holidays..
or perhaps earlier..
by His will

hood@sunny said...

Still terasa indahnya walaupun jauh di mata kn?

Humayra' said...

yea..betul ukhtie..kdg2 jarak yg jauh pn merapatkan ukhuwah juga.. (^_^)
stiap yg berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya..

BaLQiz said...

thanks for dropping over and the support given :-)

bidadari besi said...


Huhu... xaci2 nak g memanah gak..wa~~ sonotnye..