Saturday, June 7, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

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We look at it everyday..sometimes even every hour of our lives..

We stare at it long and hard...trying to make sense of what we see..

but..What can we see through the looking glass?

Do we see ourselves as we are? or we see someone else who's trying to be us?

I have always wonder when looking at myself in the mirror. Sometimes I think, is this what I people to see of me? I try to feel satisfied of what I see. Try to feel proud of what I see. Feeling of confidence and self-satisfied will bring you far. Confidence in oneself will show in our character. But, feeling of over self-conscious with yourself like, fussing over a small pimple, dark skin complexion etc, will take a toll in your lives. You will never feel satisfied with what you have and longing for more and more.

What I hope to see of me through the looking glass is that I am becoming a better practising muslim than I am today. Me that is more brave and not afraid of practicing my rights in my religion. Me that is confident and proud of the Muslim tag that I carry. Me that love to see peace and harmony in this crazy world that I live in. Me that is strong in facing the turbulence in my live. And..

Me that is always humbling myself to Allah for His Blessing and Love.

Hope we can all see what we want to see through the looking glass and make it a reality. Not just an image in the glass...InsyaAllah.

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