Thursday, June 19, 2008

....groWinG pAins....

Growing up…


As times past by,

As minutes become hours,

And the hours turn to days… and finally years…

With time, comes responsibility

With age comes complications and commitments

Of hopes and fears…

Those dearest to us

Hoping to make them happy

Yet… not knowing if we’re ready

To take on the challenge

To be the best

To make them proud

Oh Allah…

Help me get through with all life’s challenges ahead

Help me to please those dearest to me

Make me better, as time moves on

Help me to get closer to You

Increase my love for You

Improve myself in all aspects

To gain Your Love and redha

To stand tall despite the challenges that faces me

To be able to face each day, no matter how difficult,

With a smile and praise to You

And dear Lord…

Thank you….

For lighting up my heart

For guiding my path

Do not turn our hearts away from this deen

Please… don’t let our lives be carved with other hands, except your own

I beg You… if I die…

Today, or tomorrow… or years to come,

Make me die as a syaheed in upholding Islam

Or at least, as a mu’min trying to protect my faith…


Completed: 19 June 08

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