Friday, June 13, 2008

Precious moments of our LiFe

taken from an article i think we can all reflect on.. Source: Detik2 dlm kehidupan by Adil Zamani.
I've translated it from Malay... so sorry if there are any mistakes!

Every morning, the sun rises as a symbol of a new day for all of us. Each of us go through the phenomenon of the alteration of the light and the day ever since we’re born. Yet, how many of us really use each days and nights to its fullest?

How many of us are able to save ourselves from the loss at this world, and moreover the hereafter?

A person is said to be in a great loss, in a really devastating loss, if seconds past by, minutes fly by, and hours go by without any increase in our iman nor amal. Ma’rifatullah doesn’t increase despite the increase in age. Obedience to Allah does not increase, even though precious time passes by.

Dear friends,

Look at the precious seconds that had flew by. Did your iman led you to the strengthening of your ma’rifatullah, increased obedience to Allah, and mahabbatullah? It is a great loss, a really great loss in our life, if the moments that Allah had given us have not increased our ma’rifatullah, obedience and love to Him.

Does time that past by brings about increase in our iman, or its decline? There is no terminology such as ‘static’ in the development graph of iman. It is either we are undergoing an increase, or a decline.

Ibnu Qayyim al-Jauziyah had wrote: Varily Allah had designed the heart to get to know Him (ma’rifatullah), to obey His commands, and to love Him (mahabbatullah). And if these three processes are not occurring, then the heart is sick.

What is the condition of our heart? One of the reality of the someone that had gone astray is the failure to observe the heart, until a heart that is alive is weakened, sick, and in the end, it may lead to the death of the heart. If the heart is dead due to our own fault, Ibn Qayyim said, “You are a killer! You have killed your own heart.

The ‘death’ of the heart may not be felt by its owner, unless by the will of Allah, the arRahman. No, the death of the heart will not stop the increase of age. Physically, life still go on, but the heart had stopped functioning. This is death, even before the last breathe had been taken!

Dearest friends and future hope of Islam,

Be scared of the day when the heart is dead, but you are not aware of it. Your body will just be a ‘grave’ which had a ‘dead heart’ inside it.

Be worried of the day when you put up your hands, but Allah refuses to help you again!

Let us look carefully at the precious times we have had. Let us think of the condition of our hearts. Let us not let the precious seconds tick by, without bringing any good at all to us.

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