Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pearls during The Holidays.. part 1

Alhamdulillah, after weeks of sitting around at home and vacationing here and there, yesterday, I was able to sit around with a few friends, recalling and reminding ourselves again of our aims, strategies and life, in general. Here I have decided to share some of the pearls as a reminder to us all…

Life in this world is so full of lies and traps, traps for those unaware of its dangers lurking in every corner they turn. And so few people are aware of these hazards. Those who realize the perils had to thread on carefully, as if they are on a very long road, with sharp, shattered glasses all around them. These people are clear of their destinations. Of the temporary world, just a path to get you on to the everlasting hereafter.

Verily the hereafter is better for you than the present, wherewith, u will be well pleased.

But yet, even those who are aware of this needs constant reminder. This is because the world and its riches, though temporary, are very tempting and alluring. One needs friends who are also focused on the same goal towards the hereafter to constantly remind each other from falling down.

>> Reality Strikes

Today’s reality is a threat to our personal development towards everlasting happiness. Now, the fitrah (human nature) for doing good deeds is not normal anymore. The norm now is the opposite, everything jahiliyyah is normal, while those doing good is not. A simple example is, inside universities… you’ll be seen as a weirdo if you say “Assalamualaikum” first, instead of “Hi!” to your course mates or friends. But no one minds if people greet each other in, “Weh, how’re things?” Choosing to follow Islam is now ‘un-cool’, for it is just not the ‘in’ thing to do. A very sad reality indeed.

‘Reality bites’,
so they say… yes, now it does. These phenomenon and everyday occurrences are getting worse. It relates back to not only greetings, but also the friends we make, things we do, and what our principles are. Which is very dangerous. For this leads to many social ills and may even cause people to slip out of this deen, in other words, murtad. When the jahiliyyah becomes a norm, couples, clubs and social outings become common. Those who went to masjids become aliens.

What about principles, you may ask. Well, more and more people are caught up with the fun lifestyle, and end up thinking, “life is short, so enjoy it!” What happens to our life in the next world then? Yes, life is short, extremely short, so… why should we want to enjoy so much of it? The next life is so much longer. We are going to live there forever. Should we compromise this life for enjoyment, if the next will be so very painful? Should we spend our time in happiness here, for a few short hours in clubs, or telling the latest juicy gossips, and compromise a lifetime of pain in the next world? The time will come, for sure. All of us will die, some way or other. We die regardless of age and time. Some die young, while others old. Let us not die, and face Allah with actions which will cause us to regret. For the punishment we face there, is not something light. It is not just a pinch on the arm, nor a punch in the eye. Fire is what you’ll get, for those short, so called enjoyable minute. Nauzubillahiminzalik!

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