Monday, June 30, 2008

..KERIS 2008 in Memory..

Well... I had promised to write something on the previous weekend camp that i joined. So.. here are some of the jewels and sweet memories of the school, and the nice 'adik-adik' i met there..

the nice adik2 in my LDK group

Frankly speaking.. I was not really prepared to be a facilitator of the camp, for at first i thought that there was already enough facilitators on board. Then a day before the camp... (26th June) I got a call from a friend, asking me to help out as there was not enough facilitators to handle the students for the next day. So I agreed, for I had been facilitators for camps before. Yet, what dawned me afterwords was: no...this is going to be different. Very different from what I used to facilitate. For normally, I would facilitate camps held just for a group of teenagers who are all my parents' friends' children. This time, it would be different. To almost a hundred secondary school students from various backgrounds, in their school which i have never been to before. And admittedly, I was feeling a bit scared.

I went to the school..and discovered that the camp was quite different from what i thought it would be. I gained a lot from the camp itself, especially valuable lessons on how to approach other teenagers from different background, stand and viewpoints from that of our own.

I'll continue on with the brief summary of the camp tomorrow, insyaAllah..


hood@sunny said...

xsabar nk tahu apa pendekatan nt to approach varies backgound student.. :D

mujahidah said...

that is a good experience..
just wanna share..being a facilitator is one of the best things that i ever do..this give opportunity to develop myself.even though i facilitate others, i actually facilitate urself 2 and it is good to know many people also, i learn how to be patient and how to deal with the small kids, teenager and also the person or a group that nearly same age to me.... =)