Monday, June 23, 2008

In a Dilemma.....

okey... i'm back to writing, Alhamdulillah...
though i've to admit, i owe another two posts here, the 'part 2 of pearls for the holidays' and also the confession.

well... i was browsing through my my debate yahoogroup mails... and suddenly discovered these debate motions for the recent Arau tournament. and i AM very surprised....
the motions (well..some of them..)
  • That we would disallow the hijjab in all public offices
  • That we would disallow parents to reject life-saving treatment for their children on religious grounds
  • That the government would remove religion from public education
i was stunned... undoubtedly. yea.. i love debating. Because thru i, i learnt so much. And thru it, i've made many friends and grow a lot, as a person. Yet now... i am in a dilemma. Whether to continue debating or not. For suddenly, these sort of motions contradict with my principles. No, it's not just suddenly. I have been slightly feeling somewhat like this before, though not as intense.

That was during last semester's final practice camp before the AUDC at IIUM. I didn't join in the tournament for some unavoidable reason. But the practice went well at first. Everything was great. But this motion came up... " This House Believe That Cohabiting Couples Should be Protected". Yes, undoubtedly I was shocked. It was just so very immoral! from a muslim's point of view, at least. But Alhamdulillah, at the time, my team was chosen to be the opposition. So i was just on the stand that the motion cannot work. But at that point, i imagined what it would be like if I am forced to be the government. What will I say? Will I really be able to talk of something so obviously against my own belief? then afterwords, my friend got this other motion.. "This House Believe that Middle East Should Follow Western Liberal Democracy". That was how badly would i NOT want that to happen.

So i think my point is straighten out. I am in a dilemma for these types of motions, which goes against my own stand as a Muslim, and as a Da'ei. What will people say if they watch me debating, upholding something haram? What will I feel of myself? And furthermore, and what I am most scared of, what will Allah think of me?

Yes, debating is fun. Debating opens up a wide world of knowledge. I learned about world problems, get to know stuff from different views, learn about messy economics, and so much more. also not to mention amazing friends and improvements to how quick i get to come up with things, as it forces me to think on my feet. BUT... will I be able to continue after this? Will these problems be over? How may I face my team mates at collage? I truly hope i can find out the best way out of this mess. The best way to put my foot forward. so I will not disappoint myself, my friends and most importantly, Allah...

To my friends and readers.. if you have any idea at all, please drop your comments and views on the matter. I hope it caan help me sort thru things. May Allah guide us all in our way towards Him...


hood@sunny said...

Hidup kita sentiasa terdedah dgn pilihan.. mohonlah agar Allah memberi pilihan yg terbaik. Syukur DIA membentangkan padamu byk pilihan spy dirimu menilai bgaimana, neraca manakah yg perlu digunapakai utk memilih..My allah keep u going~ syiddi hilik! (gambatte):D

p/s: nt ruqayyah kn?, ana mintak izin link nt kat blog ana :D

nadhirah ar said...


kalau pasal debat,ana jadi excited juga..cuma ana belum berkesempatan jumpa tajuk-tajuk yang mebcabar tu..

betul juga ye...buatnya kita kena pegang 'stand' kita yang 'against' agama...

hm..bukan ke kemahiran debat mencari titik persamaan..dalam masa sama kita tekankan TAPI(kira macam ada pengecualian yang tegas)..haha ana dah tak ingat macam mana..

bila dah sampai situasi berhadapan denga tajuk-tajuk kritikal tu,ana nak debat kan rasa macam tak sedap juga..huhu..

pada ana ikut ijtihad masing2..sama macam nak jadi Hakim@peguam kat mahkamah...tak senang..buatnya peguam tersalah bela orang =)
Kadang2 tak mustahil mereka terbuat silap dengan keputusan yg mereka buat..

nad:debate best..waktu nak debate tu doa banyak2supaya Allah bagi tajuk yg sesuai dengan kita.. supaya maruah agama dpt juga kita jaga..then lepas debate akak boleh juga explain stand akak yg sebenarnya =)..lepas ni nak tanya akak la kemahiran2 debate nih..

jijah@DemiUMT said...

enti ni debaters U mn??
english ye??
ana debaters malay punya..
dari UMT...
hmm..sepanjang pemerhatian saya, motion utk english mmg open sgt pun..
kadang2 x terfikir bnda mcm 2 pun dorg buat motion..
so, cdgn saya,
apa kata join je debat bahasa melayu..
usulnya x de la pelik sgt...
dan rasenya x ade yang sensitif..
salam ziarah ye..
jenguk2 la blog say ye..

"debate: its more than just talk"

Humayra' said...

syukran to all of you who've given their views so far..
i'm still in the stage of thinking and weighing good and bad of staying in or not.. what i should do if i decide to stay..

huda.. thanx for ur doa ya ukhtie.. moga kita semua sentiasa menilai menerusi kaca mata adDeen.. though for now.. it's complicated for me..

nad.. my junior at school dulu.. sure, i'll try to share what i've learnt so far.. but i think u're already an expert.

and jijah... salam ukhuwah from me.. (^_^) no.. i can't really debate in Malay, seriously.. my Malay language is weak, and i've tried to debate using the language before, it doesn't work. my Malay is only good for everyday conversation..hence the English blog. But hope our paths cross sometimes, if i do decide to still debate.. nice meeting you sis!

maryah said...

ya ukhti...
debating is just so interesting...feel like have with somebody but in the right way and controlled situation..

first of all, I'm wondering who comes out with all this irrelevant motions. they shouldn't involved all this sensitive things.but, what we can do, they have a power.

sis, my advice, go on! maybe this is the test for u...test for u to see how u will manage all this things. if u can manipulate the situation, the motions, it would be better. insya allah, i pray, on day, u will get the motions that give u opportunity to tell all people outside about ISLAM...

all the best sis! i pray and i hope ALLAH help u and nake everything easy for u...remember, HE will always with u n HE really know u better than urself.

~may allah bless u~

*rabbi yassir, wa la tuassir*