Friday, June 26, 2009

~ ..Tagged.. ~

I've been tagged... by a friend I had just made a while back. Jazakillah ukhtie! (^_^)
so.. here it is...

the rule:

1. copy the picture below, and paste it on your post. (or.. copy the whole post)

2. Tag 10 friends and ask them to do the same.
and to three brothers.. (seriously, finding out who to tag is super hard! so i'm giving this to you)

>> there.. i've done the tag.. and not just any tag.. 100% amal islami.. a tag promising commitment.. will I be up to it? Insya Allah, I'll try my best. For this is a commitment I know which will, insyaAllah, gain Jannah. and a commitment i meant to live by anyways. So pray for me, that I may do my best and commit, no matter what obstacles arise along the way...

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