Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Shocking Death News: Mikael Jackson a.k.a. Micheal Jackson

Salam everyone. May Allah guides us to His path till the day we return to HIM.

King of Pop died at the age of 50
Micheal Jackson is pronounced death
Everyone is schocked!

Tributes to MJ

Well, sincerely, I have no idea for what reason I'm posting this shocking news of the entire world of pop music lovers. Yea, Micheal Jackson; I bet how many of us do not know his name. Though I'm not a fan of music, i still have some idea bout him. Well, some people regard him as the most controversial celebs in this decade. Yea.. even I know that this person had spent his entire life making various kinds of controvercial issues (a lot to be mentioned though!)..

However, I think the recent one is the most interesting to note, which is his conversion to Islam. Though I'm not really sure bout this matter, but I have read some valid articles here that comfirms that matter such asYnetnews, Gurdian Angel, Daily Mail and etc (find them yourself though).

Therefore, if he did becoming Muslim, he is our brother in Islam, isn't he? So, i think, as a Muslim, we should show our respect to him as our brother in Islam same as other brothers. Perhaps, we could also pray 'Jenazah' for him as usual. Though I'm not sure bout this and still waiting for what other Muslim scholars say in this matter..but, I personally think that we can do that.

I just remembered a Sirah where Rasulluah denounced the action of killing a person who has pronounced his shahadah during war, though in that crucial and critical condition, the person may purposely pronounce the shahada to save his life. As our prophet (peace be upon him) said, which means 'no one could ever truely knows one's intention in an action but ALLAH' which shows that the person's shahadah was literally approved. So, i think, in this case, we are nobody to judge whether bro Mikaeel jackson had sincerely become muslim or not. As long as he pronounced shahadah in front of two witnesses, I believe, he then becomes our brother in Islam.

Well, personally, perhaps because my recent months have been fulled by Death news, so this news again has touched my heart. How we as human, often forget that Death is actually merely around the corner. No one would ever escape from it. Some people fear death very much and really look forward to new inventions that prevent them from death. But, still.. death is death.. it invites us in may any time...

So, are we prepared?

Besides, many people say 'may he rest in peace' whenever they heard news about any death. But, to ourselves, are we sure that every single soul will be resting peacefully when we die? Well, this is something we should ponder.

So, I believe, it would be good for us to watch these two videos from the Deen Show here. Perhaps, it'll help us to be more aware of the Truth about Death.. and prepare for it... as it is something which WILL happen to us one day..Insya-allah.

>> This article is taken from ukhtie Maryam


BaBbliNg BaR0nNESs said...

Salam, u!
For all his wealth and popularity,
when the time comes, death can't be avoided.

hanya amalan mnjadi penyelamat, bila sglanya mnjadi tidak bharga..

scared u noe, cuz, one never knows,
am i to die in faith, or in His fury?

Humayra' said...

to BaronNess:

thanks for dropping by!
u're right.. we never know how our ending is going to be..
yet if we try our best to stay on the right path and pray to Allah, He will never let us down, insyaAllah...