Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Death: the Best Reminder for the Heart


In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful. Firstly, I apologize for not updating this blog last week. I have had something to write, yet the words just refused to pour out as I sat in front of the computer.

Death. There seems to be a lot lately. Death of people who had done so much for this deen.

  1. Ummi Halimaton (14 May 2009), wife of Ustaz Dahlan, Mudir of Maahad Tarbiyah Islamiyah (MATRI), Perlis

    I have only met Ummi Halimaton personally once, last year, during 'eid. My family and I went to her house for a visit. She is one of my brother's favourite teacher, and a very dedicated murabbi

  2. Ammar Zulkifli (10 June 2009), a medical student at Cairo, Mesir, and ex-student of MATRI, who is same age as I am, born in 1988

    I think I have met him once, at a camp I attended after SPM. He died from an accident which involved the car he was riding along with four friends, including my ex-classmate, Saif Jamaluddin.

  3. Dr. Fathi Yakan (13 June 2009)

    Never met this ulama', but had been reading his books ever since high school. Especially the book Maza Ya'ni.

Despite not knowing these people very well, their death made me ponder a lot. The death of Ummi Halimaton had made me think back of my aim in this path I take, and made me question myself, on whether I can be as selfless as Ummi Halimaton had been, for she had been giving her whole life to helping people understand and live their life as a true Muslim. Can I be as selfless as she had been? Am I ready to sacrifice my whole life to this deen?

Allahyarham Ammar's death comes as a shock, because he is still so young. The death of this doctor-to-be, comes as a reminder not only to me, but also to all his friends that one can never be too young to die. Hence we must always be prepared for it. And preparing for his death is one thing that Ammar had done. From his blog, he evidently holds on to these words...

'Jiwa mereka yang hangat cintanya mencari akhirat. Laksana anak-anak akhirat...melihat dunia dari jendela akhirat.'

Goodbye, to a young mujahid, already on his way towards meeting his Lord and Creator... May your soul is blessed by Allah, and may He accept you as a servant who lives in striving to uphold Islam.

Despite not knowing him very well, based on all the entries I read of him from his friends (some of my own close friends from his school), I know that Ammar is a very good Muslim and Mujahid. May his death bring about many others like him, striving and giving their best for Islam, insyaAllah...

To my friends who are still in shock over his death, may Allah help you overcome the sadness, and let his life be an example for us to follow. Take his death as a tarbiyah, for us all to become better Muslims. To my ex-classmate, Saif, be strong, may Allah ease the burden and sadness from your heart, so that you can focus for the upcoming oral exam.

Allahyarham Fathi Yakan, an Ulama' who had given so much of himself, writing so many books which have been translated into many different languages and studied in study circles throughout the globe, you had inspired me to sharpen my skills, to write more, write better, and hope that what I have written will help myself and others to know more about Islam, and get closer to Allah. May your soul rest in peace, amongst those whom Allah has promised Jannah.

Death is a sharp reminder indeed. A reminder to let us look back to the past, and reflect back all what we have done, and question ourselves, is this enough to lead me on to Jannah? Have I done enough to find His Love and redha? Am I prepared to leave everything I have, and to go to the next life? Has everyone forgiven my past mistakes yet? Have Allah accepted my amal, and forgiven my sins? Is my heart pure enough, to be counted among those who will enter Jannah?

Sayings of Vice Principal of MATRI, for us all to ponder...

'Panjang atau pendeknya umur hidup seseorang itu bukanlah menjadi ukuran, yang penting ialah isinya.. isi hidup atau umur itu ialah Iman dan TAQWA kpada ALLAH swt yang membuahkan amalan-amalan yang soleh yang akan mengiringi jenazah seseorang di kubur dan kekal menemaninya ke alam barzakh dan di akhirat kelak..'

Forgive my mistakes...

Till next time..




fareast said...

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas mereka sama ada jasa yang ditaburkan kecil atau besar.

Al Fatihah

MuNsYi^SaMa said...

May Allah bless all of us who did our best in upholding Islam. Our do'a will never stop for those who have gone before us.

Atiqah said...

such a great message Allah leave us to ponder..

Humayra' said...

to fareast,
jazakallah for dropping by,
and thanks for the dua.

to Munsyi Sama,
yes, doa is the best way to help those who have gone,
may Allah bless them who have gone before us, ameen..

to atiqah,
then we should really ponder upon them, indeed..

Gine said...

despite the topic being a sorrowful one, you gave a very insightful opinion on it. If a person has contributed so much that even his death brought us to ponder on God's mighty purpose in our life, I believe even his death is another great contribution to mankind.

My condolences to the friends and families of those who had returned to the Lord.

Humayra' said...

to Gine,
miss u a lot dear..
thanks for dropping by. yes indeed, that's what their death had done, to me and my friends here. made us sit back and think a lot..

keep in touch Gine! My sweet debate senior (or is it super super senior now?)...

Kak Aishah Humayra' said...

sungguh kematian itu satu tazkeerah...
blog hopping! (^_^)
Akk nk dekat habis cuti da...huhuhehu