Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Silnce Can be Golden

Silent? Admittedly… yes, I had been, for a long while, indeed.  I have had made myself a promise to write, at least once a week previously.  Yet, I had ultimately broke my own promise by not updating for nearly a month.  And for that, I apologize.  To myself, for the promise I had broken, to the readers, who drops by and discover a dusty, un-updated blog, and most of all, to Allah, for not taking the responsibility of upkeeping this blog seriously.  For a while, I forgot the perpose of this den of mine, to send out and share the messege of Islam.  This is what I should have done, regardless of however busy I am.


Yet, as the title suggests, silence is golden, at times.  With the month-old silence, I learnt a lot.  I underwent a journey of self-improvement and self-discovery, renewing my resolve as a mu’minah and muslimah, and also as a muslim worker.  I’ve found out many weaknesses which needs to be improved, and also meet many people who I hope will help me through, towards Allah’s love and redha.


Well… anyways, here are a few highlights of the holidays, which I haven’t write up due to my silence for the month [only a short summary of everything, may not be satisfactory – but I’m going to tell the going-ons very briefly] 



>> Kem Kembara Muda ‘08<<

Learnt a lot… on how to run a camp, to a lesson on the real me: what goes on as time passes by… (Sounds weird?  Well… let the rest be between me and Allah)  But the most valuable thing I learn here?  Is a reminder, that I am so far away from being perfect, and I have to try so much harder to try, try to be a better friend, a better Muslimah, and a better person as a whole.  And so try I will… again, and again, till the end of my life. For those involved in the camp, I'm sorry for the mistakes and errors I make... for I know, I have made many.


The camp's sweet ladies.. *hehe*


Up for some fruits?? My group's masterpeice

>> Kem Pewaris Kebangsaan ke-4 <<

One of the sweetest memories of my life is the Pewaris 1.  Hence, when I heard people asking around for volunteers to help out at the camp, I jumped to the chance.  Secretely, with a hope.  A hope that I can recapture the same feeling I have during the first camp. 


Yet, during this camp, Allah have had arraged something for me… I have been given a responsibility which I never have had, in my entire life.  What is it?  Let it remain a secret.   Up till now, I still don’t think I am the one who is supposed to be given the responsibility.  Yet, I accepted it at the time, though admittedly, not without a few bouts of criying, and a whole lot of prayers.  Accepted it with a heavy heart and a mind full of doubts, but resigning to the task at hand, as everyone had agreed that I should be the one for the task.  But alhamdulillah, with the support of many friends, I managed to pull thru, somehow…  thanks so much for those who helped out!


Today's teenagers.. tomorrow's hope...

Yes, I gain numerous lessons, in leadership, friendship, time management, in my own faith and ties with the Almighty, and many more… not to mention the hope, the hope that I had for the juniors.  The hope that they will, one day, help continue the strife on this road.  This path which we had chosen to live, to spread the Deen and gain His Pleasure.


This is becoming a story on its own… sorry for the length.  (^_~)




As for everything else? Hmm… I’ll try to continue, if time permits, insyaAlah… but I think the post is long enough as of now, so let the rest be recorded later.



I know I have not posted anything on Palestine yet for now.  I'm hoping to do so, ASAP.  But for now, let us make a du'a for them.  

Oh Allah... please help the Palestinians.  For to You we put our hopes.  Ease their burden, and strengthen their strife.  Protect them from the warth of Your enemies, and make things harder for the Zionists, as they have had done for the Palestinians, and Muslims around the world... Oh Allah, you are indeed the All-knowing, all-Aware.  Ameen...

**Silence is golden?? Well.. maybe.  what do you think?

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