Friday, January 23, 2009

Heart Check Up

Just sharing this reminder for us all... perhaps not a very long one, nor a new thing.  Nevertheless, the matter is a very important one indeed.

What is the condition of our qalb, or heart currently?  Is it healthy and thriving? Or... is it sick, whithering away?  Or.. is it already dead? 

How is the qalb, or heart considered alive?  A heart will only be considered alive when it feels whatever it does, is for Allah.  When it lives according to what Allah wants.  When it views things according to the way Allah wants it to.  Thus, in order for the heart to live, its owner must be actively involved in seeking to find a way to perfect each of is actions accordingly.  He must also consistantly monitor the heart, to ensure that it is not suffering from any diseases.

Dr. Abdul Kadir ‘Audah once said, 

Our journey is the journey of the heart.

This thus indicates that, this whole life is not simply a physical journey.  A journey from a young age to become old.  Nor a path from primary school to university and in the end, to work.  Rather, it is a journey of purifiying the heart, and making sure that it is in its best condition to meet its creator.  This is the journey we need to strive for.

The heart is originally clean.  The inputs we receive from our surroundings, from our senses will fill it up.  The good, or bad, it is up to us, their owner.  Hence, we must play a very important role in ensuring that the heart is not falling into pitfals of fitnah. 

Regarding the importance of taking care of our heart, Rasulullah PBUH had said:

Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be whole, all the body is whole and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased. Truly it is the heart.

We must strive hard so that our hearts are aware of Allah at all times.  This awareness should lead us closer to Allah, until we love Him more than anything and everything in this world.    If a heart is not filled with ma’rifatullah (knowledge of Allah’s characters, etc), tarbiyyah (personal development) and mahabbatullah (Allah’s love), then beware… for this type of heart may never bring its owner to paradise.

There is a story of a companion of the Prophet, Ibnu Umar, who sold a very fine camel that he had been using for a while.  His friend asked, “Why did you sold something which is very fine and may be very useful to you?”  The reply?  Ibnu Umar said that his heart had become attached to the camel, and so he must sell it.  You see, the companions view the heart as very valuable indeed, and wants to ensure that the heart is attached solely to Allah.

So… how is our heart today?

Let’s look deep inside ourselves and find out.


pudding pie said...


good post from you.. it helps me a lot..thanks..

Humayra' said...

glad you find the post helpful

i write to benefit not only my readers, but especially myself too...

itminaan90 said...

Asslamualaikum.....Peace be upon you Sister..
Truly that poem is not my own. Saya dapat dari newsletter Radio Islam ( South Africa punya stesen radio),saya langgan everyday.
It's meaningful...."how can i ever have the capability of unfolding the secrets of my future when I cant even open the folds of a flower..."

itminaan90 said...

Salam Ziarah...
I went for my heart check up.....
And my DR IMAN said that..." There's still so many actions that u must find the ikhlas behind them."

ami said...

jantung atau hati? konpius dgn term2 medical ngan omputis ni..

affendik? said...

indeed, what matters the most in our lives is what's inside our hearts or qalb, for it is what drives us to move other peripherals of our body or jasad ('aql, limbs, sensory organs, etc)to do what we intend and must do as a servant.
ironically, this is commonly misintrepreted by a surface level analysis on a commonly heard malay proverb, "ikut hati mati, ikut badan binasa".
verily, our task here is to spread understanding that the heart (qalb) and mind ('aql) moves hand in hand in making a servant closer to God.
too much 'aql could lead us into too depending on Science to prove something, or too philosophical in certain things which eventually would just leave a person getting farther away from the real, true path.
nice effort from you, ukht.
and may Allah sees this is an 'amal, insyaAllah...=]

terry bogart said...

urmmm..semalam ada maslah hati...
tp bila dah lpas usrah..ok sikit