Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Palestine Plight: DO SOMETHING!!

My eyes started to become watery as I read the news.  The news of a doctor, a Norwegian doctor who is currently in Palestine.  I cried, for I can do only so little.  The doctor, though he is not a Muslim, had managed to be in Gaza, and helped out so much at their hospitals.  You can read more of the news here:

What about us?  Are we doing anything, anything at all?  Did we even pray for the Palestinians?  We proudly claim to be Muslims.  In islam, everyone is supposed to be bonded.  Tied up by the bond of Aqidah, a common bond of faith that trancends culture, skin colour, language, and geografic location.  Yet, how many of us are willing to help our brothers and sisters there? Sacrifice some money for them, and use a bit of our energy to let other people know about what is happening to them? 

Their plight is not just for them to care about.  Their burden is not just theirs to carry.  But it is a responsibility of all of us.  A plight for all of us to relieve.  For the Palestinian issue is not just an issue for the Palestine.  Nor is it just an issue for human rights activist.  But a crisis call for all of us, who stands up and claim to be Muslims.  Also, an issue for the world, to anyboby and everybody who wishes for peace and harmony.

I'd like to quote the doctor's words...
" DO SOMETHING.  DO SOMETHING MORE!  We can never claim to be good European citizens if we do nothing to stop them (the Zioninst)"
and to the quote, i add:  How can we claim to be Muslims, in front of Allah, if we don't do anything at all to try and stop the Zionist from hurting our brothers and sisters?

May ALLAH forgive us.  Forgive us from sleeping ever so soundly, while the Palestinians cry out in pain.  May Allah forgive us, for all the money we spend on supporting the Zionist.

Let's start and do something NOW.  While we still have the chance.  Raise awareness, and do your part in stopping this merciless war.  May Allah be with us, and count our deeds as amal soleh.  Ameen...


Ibnurashidi said...

kadangkala saya terfikir..mahu memboikot setitik dan secebis makanan minuman pun umat Islam tidak kuat inikan pula mahu mengangkat senjata ke sana..di situ sudah kita boleh muhasabah kekuatan sebenar umat Islam. Sungguh, ianya seperti buih!

Humayra' said...

don't loose hope.. as long as we try our best, and try to unite for the sake of Allah, insyaAllah, He will help us. and never forget to make du'a. For prayers are Muslims' strongest weapon.

Ibnurashidi said...

Saya tidak sama sekali berasa putus harapan. Saya hanya muhasabah. Setiap umat Islam perlu muhasabah diri sentiasa. Tazkirah juga perlu juga.

Biarlah muhasabah itu menjadi salah satu antara berjuta usaha umat Islam untuk bangkit. Rasulullah SAW juga memperingatkan kita untuk muhasabah kerana dengannya kita akan dapat mencari kekuatan itu.

p/s : Rindukan khalifah Islam itu bererti merindukan sebuah PENYATUAN. USAHA dan DOA sama sekali tidak terhenti.