Tuesday, November 25, 2008

~ Some Pics of Kem Kerlipan Bintang ~

group cheer! (^_^)

GooD... (I think.. hehe..)

oh.. they're all enjoying themselves.  trying to build a high, yet stable tower using a bunch of straws.
this is during the explorace ~my checkpoint~ 

these guys are sure hard at work... building from straw is no easy task!

>> salam semut2 <<

presentation time... presentinig team name, motto and logo
each team is so creative... (not to mention some funny ones too!)

C'mon... wanna join?

Um.. bile yer ni?? ha.. jmput minum.. (a nite i won't forget!)

wonder who... hard at work.. *wink*

>> more to be posted later, insyaAllah..

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