Sunday, November 23, 2008

>> A Camp To Remember <<

...:: tambahan: sesiapa yg nak entri ni diterjemah, tlg bgitau ye.. tgglkn email kat bhgian comment (especially buat adik2 SMK Dato') ::..

Well, I did say that one of my target for the holidays is to join camping and workshops… Well, here’s my first camp for the holidays.

I had tried to find more pics, but unfortunately, the pictures are mostly with a friend of mine who is currently busy with another workshop. I’ll upload other pictures ASAP, insyaAllah…

  • “Remember, we will have little food, less sleep, and we will feel tired. So be ready.”

One of the guys said this. A reminder to all the facilitators during our first meeting, the night before the 3 days 2 nights camp, Kem Kerlipan Bintang at SRK Sri Kampung, Kg Tengah, Renggam. This is a reminder which had been set on my mind. My personal aim during the camp? To let the students know the beauty of Islam, get closer to Allah, and at the same time, increase my own Faith and knowledge.

  • Breaking the ice

18th November: After setting up the school, readying it for the participants later on, I find myself wondering… how will the students be? Will I be able to befriend them? Will I be able to share Islam with them? From what their teacher told me, these kids come from different backgrounds. Some are from the nearby town, while others are from villages. Some of them are very good, while others have problems, such as smoking, sex and even alcohol. Hence admittedly, I am nervous.

Yet, Alhamdulillah, the day went well. The participants come, we had an ice-breaking session, intro-talk by the camp commander, and a talk by Cikgu Zamree. The talk was on self reflection, being thankful for what we have, and how much we have to thank our parents, for without them, we are not going to be who we are now… afterwards, there is a sharing moment with the facilitators at the field. Yup… the day went well, and us facilitators were happy, despite several hiccups along the way…

  • Sleeping is a Ni’mah (gift)!

Yes, it is. A gift which many tend to forget. Unless you are suddenly deprived of it. Like what I feel during the two nights I was there. A two hours sleep, for someone who normally sleeps like a log for 6 hours. Makes me think back for all the times I slept well, and really be thankful. Though Alhamdulillah, due to the early mind setting before the camp, I am able to go on, still feeling energetic despite the lack of sleep

~ the camp details… there are loads, but because of the time limit, I’ll end this post here…. There’ll be a ‘part two’ (which WILL be more interesting, insyaAllah) so… wait for it…


Anonymous said...

(prefer to write in malay due to my weakness in English..sowi..)
huhu..firsr of all, memang agak bengang gak nak handle prog ni masa awal2 coz budak2 ni tlibat ngan zina...(kalau setakat gaduh dan smoke, still boleh consider)...but, itulah dunia, kena hadapi dengan penuh ketabahan..ops, kenalkan diri dulu,saya salah seorg fasi...(datang secnd day coz masa 1st day camp, masih berada di Tronoh mnjawab Material Engnr Balance...huhu)...sepanjang perjalanan program memang best coz 1.peserta2 supportive dan 2. fasi2 nya semua cool dan profesional... harapan...moga2 adalah segelintir pserta yg sedar dan brubah...bkaitan "the thing"...huhu..memang pngalamn yg superb (tp xbhajat nak kena...heheh) la, baca Yasin sampai 5 kali (2 kali masa ptg, 3 kali masa mlm...rekod peribadi)..hehhehe...after all, aja2 fighthing utk semua pendakwah jiwa muda...

Humayra' said...

thanx for the comment bro..

hm.. to me, cuak mmg cuak.. facing those who doesn't know Islam and have all those probs. but then, they r all human, all of them have the right to get Islam... to hear bout Islam and to live their life as Muslims..

so have to just go on.. and face the challenge as a daei.. kasih sayang duat nie pd semua kn.. (^_^)

**mind the 'rojak' in this comment..huhu

Anonymous said...

(salam, nak komen dalam bm tau, sbb tak terer bi, he2..)
hurmm, rasanya nie salah satu program yang banyak tinggalkan kesan dalam hati.. alhamdulillah, Allah banyak bg tarbiyyah secara langsung atau tak time kem nh.. thank you byk3 pada sumer fasi2 yang banyak bg teguran dan bimbingan (almaklumlah, nh first tme jadi fasi, mmg msh banyak kelemahan...) thank you gak pd peserta sbb bg komitmen yang tinggi. lastly, sorry pd semua jika ada salah silap.. mmg besh dpt bekerjasama ngan kowg sumer.. sayang kamu semua kerana Allah.. and, gambatte ntuk semua~