Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When I Say... "I am a Muslim"

just a lovely poem from Queensland Muslim times (re-post from my friendster blog)

when i say...i am a Muslim,
i am not shouting "down with Christians and Jews"
i am whispering "i seek peace"
and Islam is the path that i choose.

when i say ...I am a Muslim,
i speak of this with pride
and confess that sometimes i stumble,
and need Allah to be my guide.

when i say ..i am a Muslim,
I'm not boasting of success,
I'm acknowledging that Allah has rescued me,
and i cannot ever repay the debt.

when i say ...i am a Muslim
I'm not claiming to be perfect,
my flaws are indeed visible
but Allah forgives because his followers are worth it

when i say...i am a Muslim
it does not mean i will never feel pain
i still have my share of heartaches
which is why i invokes Allah name

when i say ..i am a Muslim,
i do not wish to judge
i have no such authority
my duty is to submit to Allah's all encompassing love

-May His love become ours abadan abada!!-

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