Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Time Starts Once Again

The new semester had begun.... Holidays are over. So... i guess, no more playing games, it is time to get serious, set targets and go for them. This year... I'm no more a freshie. No more the first year newbe who does not know much of the system at university. Already feeling old (hehehe...)

Yes, growing up. Learning the routes of life. Hope to become better. To improve as a person, as a student, as a daughter to my parents, as a friend, and most importantly, as a servant to Him, the Creator of all that in the universe. As time increase, so does responsibilities. So, we ourselves must improve. A muslim is always better today, then yesterday. And better tomorrow than today. Am I improving myself? The question popped inside my head again and again.

Talking bout that... These are some resolutions for this uni year (not exact ones, but somewhat general. an exact one will be too personal to write here..)

1. To improve my ibadah, increase khusyu' and more sunnah, plus read more Islamic books
2. To obtain a high pointer this semester
3. Try to help out spreading this deen to those around me
4. Try to buy less stuff (I have this weakness in shopping for hijab, t-shirt and books *sigh*)
5. Use my time better and more wisely
6. Improve my writing skills

May we all get to improve, increase our iman, obtain our dreams. The important thing is to always try our best. (this advice is especially for the on typing this entry). That's all for now... May Allah help us in the steps towards obtaining His love...
Smile! (^_^)

a/n: sorry for the sudden melachony.


affendik? said...

nice resolutions...
like the way you rank them
may them all be fulfilled...insyaAllah =]

Humayra' said...

i hope so...
still trying to work them out into my schedule.
things are getting hectic already *sigh*
rabbi yassir wa la tu'assir ya karim...