Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On The Existance of The Devine Being (Part I)

Gentlemen! Would you believe a man who told you that there was a big store in the market without any shopkeeper and salesman, or other persons to look after it, and still the store was running smoothly, all the goods flowing in and passing into the customers’ hands automatically? Would you concede the possibility of goods flowing into any shop without any supplier, and selling without any salesman? And would you agree that the goods in such a shop could possible be kept safe from thieves and robbers unless there was somebody to take care of the shop and look after it? It goes without saying that nobody in his senses can believe in the existence of a big store of this kind.

Take another example. Suppose someone told you that he had seen a big factory running without any owner, manager, engineer and machinemen. The factory, he further told you, had sprung into existence of itself, al the parts of the various machines fitted themselves in their proper places, the machines came into existence automatically and were running likewise, turning out wonderful products. There is no doubt that you would be stupefied by this incredible story and suspect that the reporter was out of his mind.

Surely none else but a madman could say such absurd things.

Or, let us take a few more real examples. Could you believe that this electric bulb, which is glowing before you, generated light of itself? Or, could even that greatest philosopher convinces you that this chairs, which is lying here before you, had assumed its present form all by itself? Or, could even the most learned man persuade you that the cloth of which your dress is made had not been woven by any human being or machine by it wove itself automatically; or could all the teachers of all the universities of the world induce you to believe that these houses which you see around yourselves were not built but sprang into existence automatically?

**To be continued...
written by: Abu 'Ala al-Maududi

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