Monday, July 28, 2008

A Long Period of Hibernating

Salam'alaikum to all readers...

Sorry for not updating the blog for so long. Not that i forget about the blog, yet, being caught up with the hectic life of a student, with my studies and other commitments I've made along the way, as a Da'ei, as a member of the debate team and many others.

Yet, I think i should grab a bit of my time to write this. Alhamdulillah, my brother is recovering. This news is indeed a very happy one for me. He is now able to go back to school after months of absence. Reminding me again of one of the nice verses of love letters from Him:
"So, verily after each hardship there is relief. Verily, after each hardship, there is relief" (as-Syarh: 5-6)
Thank you for all those who had prayed for his health. May Allah bless your life, and guide us all to the straight way.

The time that flew by... It is almost a month of the new semester already. I am beginning to realise a weakness that I have: arranging my time well. As I got caught up with activities, i find myself unable to focus that much on my studies. I hope I can overcome this soon. For it is vital as the stuff I learn increases everyday. Rabbi yassir wa la tu'assir ya karim..

Another add-on of my time management.. something that makes me wonder a lot.. will He accept my activities in my 'busy' time now? Will they be considered as a deed which can be counted to my account in the next life?

Rasulullah said:
Tidak ada satu hari pun yang fajarnya menyinsing kecuali ia pasti mengatakan,”wahai anak Adam, aku adalah ciptaan baru yang menjadi saksi atas amal perbuatan kalian. Berbekallah dengan menggunakan kesenpatan yang ada, kerana sesungguhnya aku tidak akan kembali lagi hingga hari kiamat.”
Waktu itu terbatas, dan perbuatanmu setiap waktu akan dihitung. ”Para malaikat siang dan malam secara bergiliran sentiasa mengawasimu.

Oh yes... before i end for the day, I'd like to congratulate the college's junior debate team on the superb results for the VC cup tournament. You guys are great! And also.. thanx a lot for a very nice friend of mine, whom I always 'kacau' every time I have to sleep at the main college to train the juniors and to go to meetings. Jazakillah dearest ukhtie..

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who may that be....
huhu, xkesah je lah
jazakillah 4 accompanying me...

-ukhtie speech-