Friday, July 25, 2008

Been Tagged...

I've been tagged... by Huda.
Though i'm taking a bit of time to answer. so sorry ye..

So.. here are the answers.. (btw.. sorry for the Malay and English rojak. I used to dislike rojak language as well, but sometimes they can't be avoided.. *sigh*)

[1*] Berapa lama anda dah sertai usrah?

Hm.. that's a tough question. I've been following study circles of my Ummi ever since i can remember. Thank you, Ummi, for tirelessly letting me tag along, despite always getting noisy and all back then.
Yet, I think I started to become committed to them ever since I left school. Sure, there are compulsary study circles at school as well, yet the need for them (from what I felt back then) was not as much before, as when I entered Matriculation and university. I began to feel that study circles are essential, for it acts as a safety harness, and as a light to guide my way into the world of teenager and adulthood, avoiding me from getting astray.

[2*] Bagaimana anda boleh sertai usrah?
Apart from the time where i tag along my ummi...
I had joined one ever since primary school, as a cumpolsary extra-curriculum (well...sort of) there. Then also in my years of secondary school girl. I really enjoyed them though, despite being something 'wajib'.
Then thanx Allah's help and to my parent's friends, i manage to go on learning Islam and improving myself throughout matriculation and now at university. h so many flaws. Yet, I

[3*] Kenapa anda menyertai usrah?
Because........ I believe that I have already written it previously. But i'll write them again.

I think I am not that strong, to face the everyday challenges of this temporary checkpoint of my life, without a strong harness, a safety net to catch me back when i fall. I need people who can guide me, share with me on the Deen I love, so that I can improve myself, be better, and live the way of Islam. I need to find people who are willing to remind me, again and again, of my purposes. For I am a girl with so may flaws. Yet, I hope to gain His pleasure and Love.

and I aspire to colour the world with Islam. A very tough thing to do, especially in the callenges of today's world.

So... I believe, insyaAllah, i can gain these and more from the study circles.

[4*] Tiga perasaan anda setelah menyertai usrah
1. So very thankful that He have given me the opportunity to join one
2. Very happy
3. Hope to improve myself and those around me with the colours of Islam

[5*] Lima perkara yang anda dapat selama menyertai usrah
1. Get to know Allah
2. Know of my own life
3. Improve my self.. my character..
4. Try to share what I gain with others
5. Meet very nice people.. who do not mind your flaws, and try to improve you, and would not mind sharing our knowledge of Islam to improve each other (others will call it skema!)

Peraturan Tag:
1. Setiap blogger mesti letakkan peraturan ini di hujung entri
2. Blogger yang ditag perlu menjawab soalan-soalan yang dikemukakan
3. Blogger yang ditag perlu meletakkan jawapan di dalam entri blog masing-masing
4. Jangan lupa untuk tag rakan-rakan blogger yang lain
5. Jangan lupa untuk maklumkan bahawa mereka telah ditag dan perlu membaca blog anda
6. Blogger yang ditag dikehendaki untuk tag lima orang blogger yang lain

Hm...... and I'm tagging....
1. Kak Fazira
2. Kak Jijah
3. BroMuhammad
4. Ukhti Aminah M
5. Kak Safiyah

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