Saturday, August 28, 2010

Technology Anyone??

Just thought of this...  

Technology is nice, makes a lot of things easy for us.  But then again... 

Now we need to rely on handphones to call our friends, cause we almost never memorize thir numbers.

Now we keep in touch via emails and social networking sites, but they require so little effort, and less personal, too, compared to letters.

Now every spare second we have, we spend in front of laptops and PCs, what happen to other hobbies and interests?  

Now we can go to so many places and not get lost, due to GPS and all, but I'm very much afraid, soon we would surely be lost without them.

Sometimes technology helps.  But at times, they make things too easy, that we use our brain less.  

Ever wondered, what would happen if  our handphone is lost?

Now would we survive if the laptop crashed?

What about if the earth's natural resources are finished?  Would we survive then?  What would we do with our time? (that is spent so much in front of computers, play station, i-pads and i-phones, handphones...) 

Is technology everything to you?
Will we be able to lead a normal life without technology?
BEWARE if you think you can't.
Be careful if you depend on technology, rely solely on technology.
For you've to be careful, that reliance you have, might be more than reliance to the Creator of man
The owner of all knowledge, including technology.

I'm not an anti-tech, but one does have to find ways to navigate life, so that technology doesn't become everything.  It is alright if Islam be everything for us, and we will perform outstanding in life.  But if, instead of Allah, we rely on technology more - then beware.  For if technology breaks down, or disaster strikes, we will break down as well.   Check our thoughts and iman, which matters more in ourselves.  If you hold on to technology only as another tool in life to become a better servant to Allah, then it is alright.  But if you see that everything MUST revolve around technology, then do re-think and set your mindsetting again, for Allah can take all the superb technology away from is in a matter of seconds if He wants to.  He had proven that He can do so, again and again.

And how many a generation We have destroyed before them, who were stronger in power than them, and (when Our Torment came) they ran for a refuge in the land! Could they find any place of refuge (for them to save themselves from destruction)? [Qaf: 36]

Nations of the past have been destroyed because they defy Allah's orders, and made partners to Allah.  Never think that with technology, we are getting so advance, that we can rely on technology alone.  For no matter what, Allah is always more powerful.  No matter what, at the end of the day, mankind still needs Allah to turn to, for his problems, for guidance.  Most importantly, at the end, we will still return to Him. 

~random thoughts.. but i guess, it is worth to ponder.  and do find ways to exercise the brain, though.  By memorizing the Quran, studying and learning new things [learn new skills, try variety of things too, for they sharpen numerous skills - not just sitting in front of the laptop].  Be thankful for the benifits of technology, but don't get carried away with them.  On top of that, do re-check our heart.  Is Allah at the top list, or technology, or.. other people?

sorry for the un-organized post.  first i decided to make this short, but it suddenly expanded, and expanded some more...

May Allah bless...

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Perindu_Ilahi said...

wah..baru terfikir ttg hal ni ek...
selama ni banyak benda yg dilakukan dlm hidup ni bergantung pada teknologi je..guna otak nak berfikir pun dah xseberapa...

thanks kak... =)

Amin Misran said...

I've been thinking, how did in the olden days, people just send letters using pigeons?

This is a skill that is gone these days...

All we can do is give food to pigeons...

Humayra' said...

to perindu Ilahi:
jom kita exercise otak. ^^

to amin:
at least you give food. some don't even do that anymore. one yould wonder though... back in those days, how do they secure the letters and ensure that it is sent to the right person? hmm..

affendik? said...

alhamdulillah..good share and very mind-opening.
amin : wanna try bird training? ^^