Thursday, August 5, 2010

|| A Prayer, a Hope ||

O Allah...
I am trying my best,
to trust You, and only You
to overcome the doubts in my mind
to shed light in the smoky haze

Perhaps because I did not trust You enough
or seek Your guidance enough
or maybe did not try as hard as i should
to overcome the predicament

O Allah.. 
Forgive me when I whine..
Forgive my mountain-load of sins..
When I did not use my time right
When I did not take my responsibilities seriously
When I did not thank You for all the blessings and gifts You showered me
and most of all, when I failed to become a good servant to You
Lord of all Creations

Dear Lord...
This servant of yours is currently here
In the end of one road, trying to chose her path
So help her make the best decision 
For her future, her faith and her happiness
Bring her away from indecision and doubts 
Verily only Your Pleasure does she hope to seek

Reminder to self: 
Verily at the end of hardship is relief! 
Don't despair, although currently things seem so difficult.

<Mode: currently busy with thesis proposals, assignments and clinics... But this thick cloud of doubts simply refuses to go away..>

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