Friday, August 13, 2010

Assignment and Reflection

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful,

A short post this time round... but something, I hope, that would be worthwhile to ponder, process, and condition our hearts to.

I was writing my assignment regarding patient-practitioner relationship.  I typed in: "A vital ingredient in any successful relationship is trust..." and suddenly thought of the most important relationship of my life. Not only mine, but everyone's, actually.  Our relationship with our Creator and Sustainer, Allah.  

Hence a vital ingredient of success in our relationship with Allah is trust.  Trust, that He is the One, who we can always rely on, ever second of the day.  Trust, that Allah, with His never-ending love for His servants, would never give us any tests we are unable to face.  Trust, that Allah is always ready to assist us through everything that happen in our sometimes-complicated life.  Last but not least, trust that He will always protect His servants, and He is the best protector at all times.

Let us check our hearts, and question ourselves...  how is our relationship with Allah?  Do we trust Him?  Do we trust Allah most, or do we trust people more than Him?  Do we rely more on our parents to grant us happiness, or do we rely on Allah to give happiness?  Or... do we hope for happiness more from that special someone in our lives?  Who do we hope for security and protection?  Do we hope He will save us from harm, or do we trust more on the locks on our doors, grills on our windows, or that CCTV down in the hallway? 

Let us instill this trust in ourselves, just like the Prophet and his companions had in the past.  When Abu Bakr r.a gave all of his money for Allah's sake, to be spent for the preparation of a battle between the kuffar and the Muslims, the Prophet PBUH asked him: "what have you left for your wife and children?" what is his answer?  I left Allah and his angels to protect my family".  This is the answer from a true believer.  His trust in Allah is so much, that he leave his family solely to Allah.

Alhamdulillah, we manage to reach this stage.  Entering into this factory called Ramadhan.  A valuable opportunity to be processed to become better people, better servants to our Lord, and increase our sensitivity to the poor and needy.  Let us use the opportunity to be in this Ramadhan University, to learn to trust Allah more.  Condition our hearts to improve our relationship with Him... so that His redha will be with us, until we meet Him in the next life...  

Ramadhan Kareem everyone! may this Ramadhan brings all of us closer to Allah, and increase our imaan and taqwa.  Welcome to the month full of barakah and rahmah!  

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