Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Land, Our Masjid

Assalamualaikum everyone...

While most of us are busy with studying for the finals, and the Malaysian media is buzzing on politics, the Bagan Pinang election, the world-wide crisis of floods and earthquakes, there is another news, one which I think is far more important than any in the media. A news which, amidst our busy-ness as students studying for our finals, we must be aware of, and take action.

What news? The third most important masjid in Islam, Masjidil Aqsa is in grave danger. Yes, as Muslims, this is a news which we need to take action, get information, spread the news and pray. Pray to Allah that the Palestinians and every Muslim there will remain strong, and pray that Allah will give them strength to protect al-Quds. Do whatever we can to help them, in whatever ways we can.

Here are some latest update by al-Jazeera:

Palestinians Barred from The Old City

Israeli police have barred Palestinians protesting in defence of the al-Aqsa mosque compound from gaining access to Jerusalem's Old City.

Friday's increased restrictions on the mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem followed a series of clashes that started late last month.

Men under the age of 50 were prevented from accessing the mosque for the past six days.

Towards the end of Friday, Israel lifted its curfew, but for most of the day several hundred Palestinians were denied entry to the mosque.

Many performed Friday prayers just outside the gates of the Old City, while the heavily armed Israeli police deployed extra troops.

continue reading at: al-Jazeera

Remain alert for more news from numerous trusted source. Do help out in any way we can.

May Allah help them out. Ameen...

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terry bogart said...

hurm..betul gak..kita kat msia kononnya test pun dah rasa plestine >>lg rasa..

thnx 4 this article..