Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remember your Priority & Responsibility!

Really… I want to go to Padang and help out. Seriously… want to go so badly. Want to help the victims of the earthquake. But I've to study for the upcoming finals. And I have a practical exam this Wednesday. So my parents won't allow ne to go. And my rational mind say I can't go either. For I've still a lot, mind you, a LOT to study. Hence I can't go. (really sad bout it).

Dear self, be patient. Do what you have to do first, for this is your main responsibility now, as a student. This is your priority alrite… study is a jihad as well. Strive to gain knowledge and use it for the benefit of the ummah.

Don't feel down alrite… try your best to score well. if you want to continue your studies to the next level, you'll need to score now. Do your best!

Mode: trying to push myself to study more although I don't feel like it… ya Allah, give me strength… Grant your blessings on the effort I made. Dear self, purify your intentions and go on, and may success be yours, now and in the next life

>> all the best to everyone who is going to face exams soon. May Allah help all of us to get the best for ourself and for Islam.

Even though we are not able to go there now, try help out by donating money. May Allah count our deeds as good deeds, and may they leed us to jannah, insyaAllah...


+akufobia+ said...

yakinkan dalam doa.semoga sampai kepada mereka harapan baru.

terry bogart said...

yups.. nak pergi gak.. tapi kalau chemical engineer pi, apa nak buat?..hu3..

abg aiman dah pi acheh... jelous gak..

jom fastabiqul khairat..

~wish da best utk final..