Monday, September 28, 2009

The Right Choice??

Ever made a big decision in life? Which streaming (science, arts, etc) to go for at upper secondary, which society to join, what field to choose after school, which university to go to, which hand phone and laptop to buy, whether to spend scholarship money on a trip overseas... and the list goes on.

These choices you make, and decisions you take, often times shape your future. Hence undoubtedly, one may be unsure and sometimes hesitant in making them.

I was sometimes unsure too. Actually, most of the times I had to make these decisions, I was. Because these choices had to be made with care. And some can change you. In more ways than one. Some may be beneficial to us, for ourselves, our deen and imaan. While others may lead us astray.

How do we know what is the best choice to make? Can we travel thru time and see what the future will be like if we made a certain choice, and come back again to decide? One would wish so, yet, that might never happen. For time can never be turned back, and the choices we make, are there to stay, whether we like them or not. Is listing down the pros and cons of the matter at hand enough to make the best decision? Will our own judgement and points of views be sufficient enough to ensure that we make the right choice?

For a Muslim, Allah teaches us to rely on Him for our whole life.
Verily my prayers, my actions, my life and my death is for Allah, Lord of the universe

Our whole life, and death should be for Allah, and Allah alone. Yet, in making choices, do we seek help from Allah? Do we seek His guidance in our prayers and His life manual for us, the Quran? If we do, did we then trust the choices that our iman made for us? Or do we still step back and ask our nafs, "Is this choice alrite with you?" Which choice will we finally make? The one according to our naf's desires or to what our iman desires?


If you seek Allah's help in assisting you to make your decisions, and rely on Him alone, insyaAllah, the choices you make will be the best one indeed. For He is our Creator, thus of course, He knows what's best for us. He knows our capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses inside out, better than ourselves and our parents. He even knows our future. So the choices we made, assisted by Allah, will always be better, insyaAllah, than the one made without seeking for His help.

Trust Allah, and seek His help, in every step in the journey of life. As we grow older, as our trials become greater, as the choices we must make become harder and harder, without His help, we would have been easily stressed out and frustrated. Without His assistance, we would be like a kite without strings to attach itself to the ground below, flying and soaring to unknown destinations depending on the winds, and finally landing with a crash to the land below.

With trust in Allah, the choices we make, may not necessarily make things easier for us immediately, but we will be at peace, calm and happy, because we know, that the choice we make is the best one that Allah had given us, and insyaAllah, is the one that Allah bless. And of course, by Allah's will, we shall find eternal happiness, in the gardens of jannah.

I'm trying my best... to put my full trust in Allah. In everything that will face me. The future that I am still very unsure of, and for the many choices that I am trying to make. I can never do it without His help. Do pray for me... to be guided by Allah, now, and always.Verily without Him, we are nothing, nothing at all...

Oh yes, I was given an award by Luqman. Here it is...

and due to time constraints, i'm unable to give this award to anyone for now.. forgive me... but jazakallahukhair, Luqman!


terry bogart said...

kak ruqayah jgn terbeban pulak..just reply bila free, xreply pun xpe.. selama ni man lagi2 malas reply tagged...focus on ur study tu..++doctr pakar!!..

thanx coz post article yg dekt ngan hati..

terry bogart said...

tadi masa qiam utk usrah UTP, baru tersedar..banyak bnda yg kita boleh mohon kat Allah..seblum ni, lpas solat just baca doa BA yg maknanya pun xfahm sangt..hu3..