Sunday, October 25, 2009

Translation Tips

I was thinking of doing some translation this holidays.
So, i Googled up some translating tips, and found these tips:

Translate meaning not words!
Rely on your wits and savvy - it can prove to be helpful when translating a difficult text
Ask a specialist or a native speaker to proofread your translation so that it sounds natural
Never accept a project which you know is not within your abilities
Skills and translation expertise come with time - remember it!
Language nuances do matter when making a professional translation
A good translation is worth taking time for!
The way documents are organized in one country may not be understood in another
Emulate the original style of the author, be it humorous, wordy, with colloquial or scientific language, etc

which is sort of interesting... I just want to share this with all of you. You just never know when these sort of info might come in handy.

Yes, i know. It's not yet holiday, and yet I've made a few plans already. I can't wait for holidays. But hey... i do study for my exams. (^_^)

All the best to every one who is also suffering the exam fever. Put your trust in Allah, and do your best.

Btw... if you are stressed out, do something else for a while to relax yourself. But make sure that you do something useful. In a way, writing this (and yes, Googling the tips) was my way of taking a break. Remember, don't waste time, for time is life.

Take care of yourself, imaan and amal. May Allah bless.


Atiqah said...

thanks...good tips dear

Fathi Baik said...

Guna google translate sng..
kalau nak by word translate
download ABBY Lingvo.

sinar_islami said...

syurkn kongsi tip2..sgt membntu..
slm imtihan..rabbuna yusahil

chanz said...

i have done quite a few translation from Eng to BM before..helping a staff nurse who doing degree..yes i always have problem. hm. thanx for tips though.

hood@sunny said...

salam, laong time no blog hopping since summer holiday~ ^_^

ala, rasa rugi lak x jalan2 kat blog ni sblm ni.. da abis dah la translation.. huhu

need a HUGE effort to do this~

DBP ada kuarkan software for trial, ok jugak la to translate ENG--> malays, at least it's from the reliable source..

gambatte ne~