Friday, October 17, 2008

A Wierd Afternoon

I actually meant to write something quite long on account of what had happened today and yesterday, but had to postpone it for later, for i'm quite busy at the moment. I hope I can write on it tomorrow, insyaAllah....

But anyway... just want to share a very funny and somewhat unfocused afternoon i had have, as I went down to Jalan TAR today, running some errands. At first, everything is just fine, up till the point when I had decided to take the LRT to Sultan Ismail station, instead of Sogo to go to Maju Junction. Well, admittedly, I had never been at the station, but by reading at the station signboard, the station does seem to be nearer to Maju Junction Mall. So, being the impulsive-and-sometimes-too-brave girl, I decide to just try to find my way to the mall. Unfortunately, I had walked quite far, climbed a pedestrian's bridge (um.. is that what it's supposed to be called?? Forgot already..hehe...) and then discovered that I had walked in the opposite direction of the mall.

Afterwards, I went to take out some money at an ATM machine nearby. I successfully managed to forget the fact that I placed my folder on top of the machines rushing out of the bank to get to Mydin and come back home before it rains again. Alhamdulillah someone in the bank noticed the file, and caught my attention on time. The file does contain extremely valuable things-my lecture notes as well as short notes I've made for the final exams (Alhamdulillah it's not left behind!)

As I was grumbling to myself for being so foolish and out-of-tune, I put my bags outside Mydin, went in and discovered that they do not have what I was searching for, and then, in my absent-mindedness, I had almost exited the shop using the entrance. I was stopped by their worker, of course. And on top of it all, when I went out (using the correct exit this time, thankfully) and head to the baggage counter to get my backpack, somehow or other I had sailed past the baggage place and entered the store once again *sigh*. I was surprised when I realize this, of course, and had to, again, walk all the way to the other end of the store to exit.

Thankfully, though, no more foolish escapades or lapse of focus occur afterward. And I am happy to say that I arrived home safely, Alhamdulillah... (^_~)

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