Sunday, October 12, 2008

:: Some Words of Wisdom ::

I know.. I am guilty of not updating for a while... It's been a hectic week-after-the-break.
But anyway, here I am... with a super short post this time.
Something to really ponder on...

Human are created to be loved, and materials are created to be used. Yet nowadays, humans are being used, and materials are being loved.

A sad but very true situation indeed, for the world today. Are we one of those people who use others, and love materials? Something for our mind to chew on for a while... may we love others (especially Muslims) as we love ourselves, for a true Believer is one who cares for his brothers and sisters as much as he cares for himself.

the quote is credited to my 2nd mother here in KL... jazakillah makcik for sharing them with me. (^_~)

end of post... have to continue reviewing my notes and making more of them *sigh* (note to self: "Patience, Humayra, for studying is a jihad also...")

**Note: All the best to my brother, and all brothers and sisters out there taking PMR tomorrow. my brother hasn't called me yet, and i'm kind of worried. but i hope that he, and the rest of those taking PMR this year, will do well. May Allah help u to walk into the exam hall and stay calm, and do well, obtain the best result for yourself, your future and for the future of Islam, ameen....

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