Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thanks a Lot... Dearest Ukhtie

The real beauty of Islam lies in many things. One of them is Ukhuwah.

Yes, ukhuwah Imanyyiah, bonded by 'Aqeedah and fikrah. This is a beauty that not many people is blessed with. The sweetness of having friends, who love us like sisters. Who is willing to give a helping hand, regardless of her own hardships. Willing to lend a listening ear, and always ready to advise when it is needed.

Actually... today I really want to thank someone. A friend who is always there to help. An ukhtie who had thought me so much, and get me thru so many of life's trials. Jazakillah for all your help, teaching me many things, patiently reminding me again and again on this tough road, it's tribulations and rewards. Patiently encouraging me on, holding my hand and showing me the path towards Him, pulling me thru when I am lost or stumble along the way.

Dearest ukhtie...
Getting to know you is a real blessing from Him. I still remember your friendly smile and the way you immediately chatted to me, to make me feel at ease during the camp which brought us together. The camp gave me a lot, thought me more about life and allowed me to make many new friends as well. Alhamdulillah one of them is you.

I know you are going to go soon. To carry on with your ambition and to fulfill your dreams. I will really miss you. You've been a real brick to me these two years I am here in KL. I pray to Allah that, in any land that Allah will send you, may His Love always be with you, and may the path that you take will guide you closer to Him. May both of us still remain strong in this road, upholding this deen, until we enter Jannah, ameen.

We may be apart after this. But I sincerely hope that, even if we are unable to see each other again after you go, we will meet each other again in the next life, and go to Jannah together. Uhibbuki fillah wa lillah, ya sahabati!

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