Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Video: The Prophet's Hands

Here's one of my all time favourite nasyeed, ever since I was small. Found it in You Tube recently. Hope all of you can enjoy it and also delve into the meanings behind the song.

On The Existance of The Devine Being (Part II)

These are only a few instances of things that you see every day in your life. Now, if you cannot, by any means, be persuaded to believe that an ordinary shop could run without any shopkeeper or salesman, or that a factory could be erected and operated without an engineer or run without a manager, you possible accept that thesis that the Universe is without a creator or master?

In the vast and wonderful scheme of the Universe, the countless living beings, the sky, the sun, and the moon, and the innumerable planets and stars function with the precision of the parts of a watch. Vapour rise from the oceans and turn into clouds; the winds blow these clouds to the distant corners of the earth and, under suitable condition, the vapours condense into water, which falls on the earth as rain. The rainwater in its turn brings dead soil to life and helps the growth of various kinds of food grains and other corps, luxuriant trees and different varieties of fruits and flowers. Now, could any sensible person be induced to believe that this vast and integrated system sprang into existence without any creator and is running automatically without any master, governor, or conductor? We have no hesitation in dismissing as lunatic a person who thinks that even such as small and insignificant thing as a chair or a piece of cloth or a little wall came into existence of itself; can we then agree with a person who holds that the earth sprang into existence of its own, the animals came to life of themselves, and even the most wonderful and complicated of all living beings – man – came into existence without any creator?

Chemical analysis of the substance of the human body has shown that it is composed of certain quantities of iron, coal, sulphur, phosphorus, calcium, salts and gases and some other substance of the human body has shown that it is composed of certain quantities of iron, coal, sulphur, phosphorus, calcium, salts and gases and some other substance of the same kind, which would not together cost more than a few rupees. Now, could any one of you create a human being by combining these substance in one or another manner in the same proportion in which they exist in a normal human body? If you could not, how could you believe that a human being, alive an alert, and capable of making such difficult and complicated things as an aeroplane or a television, came into existence automatically without the design of a master mind and the work of a master craftsman?

Have you ever pondered how the human infant forms and develops in the tiny workshop of the mother’s womb? The father has no hand in this wonderful process, nor has the mother anything to do with it. At a moment of which neither the father not the mother is aware, two small life-germs, which cannot be seen without the help of a microscope, unite which each other in a small pouch. Thereafter, they draw their nourishment from the mother’s blood, which supplies to them sufficient quantities of iron, sulphur, phosphorus and other essential substances in requisite proportion. These substances go on accumulating in the womb and, after some time, form a lump of flesh. In the next stage the lump acquires a definite shape and develops various organs and parts of the body in the appropriate places. The eyes, the ears, the brain, and the heart all develop precisely where they should; the bones and the muscles grow in their respective positions. In short, every part, larger or small, is precisely where it should be. The embryo then acquires life and develops the senses and the power to think and a thousand other capacities. And when the embryo eventually grows into a fully formed human infant, the small workshop of the womb, where it had its origin and developed for several months delivers it out, and it starts its independent life in the world.

The workshop of the womb produces millions of human infants every day, but every one of these is different from the other in looks and complexion, in voice and disposition, in powers and faculties, in qualities and moral caliber. Even brothers born of the same father and mother are never identical to each other. This is indeed a marvel, which baffles the mind and staggers the imagination. Only a person out of his wits could hold that this wonderful system of life came into being, and has continued for countless generations, without a wise, powerful God possessing vast knowledge and unrivalled powers of performance.

>>written by: Abu 'Ala al-Maududi

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On The Existance of The Devine Being (Part I)

Gentlemen! Would you believe a man who told you that there was a big store in the market without any shopkeeper and salesman, or other persons to look after it, and still the store was running smoothly, all the goods flowing in and passing into the customers’ hands automatically? Would you concede the possibility of goods flowing into any shop without any supplier, and selling without any salesman? And would you agree that the goods in such a shop could possible be kept safe from thieves and robbers unless there was somebody to take care of the shop and look after it? It goes without saying that nobody in his senses can believe in the existence of a big store of this kind.

Take another example. Suppose someone told you that he had seen a big factory running without any owner, manager, engineer and machinemen. The factory, he further told you, had sprung into existence of itself, al the parts of the various machines fitted themselves in their proper places, the machines came into existence automatically and were running likewise, turning out wonderful products. There is no doubt that you would be stupefied by this incredible story and suspect that the reporter was out of his mind.

Surely none else but a madman could say such absurd things.

Or, let us take a few more real examples. Could you believe that this electric bulb, which is glowing before you, generated light of itself? Or, could even that greatest philosopher convinces you that this chairs, which is lying here before you, had assumed its present form all by itself? Or, could even the most learned man persuade you that the cloth of which your dress is made had not been woven by any human being or machine by it wove itself automatically; or could all the teachers of all the universities of the world induce you to believe that these houses which you see around yourselves were not built but sprang into existence automatically?

**To be continued...
written by: Abu 'Ala al-Maududi

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Long Period of Hibernating

Salam'alaikum to all readers...

Sorry for not updating the blog for so long. Not that i forget about the blog, yet, being caught up with the hectic life of a student, with my studies and other commitments I've made along the way, as a Da'ei, as a member of the debate team and many others.

Yet, I think i should grab a bit of my time to write this. Alhamdulillah, my brother is recovering. This news is indeed a very happy one for me. He is now able to go back to school after months of absence. Reminding me again of one of the nice verses of love letters from Him:
"So, verily after each hardship there is relief. Verily, after each hardship, there is relief" (as-Syarh: 5-6)
Thank you for all those who had prayed for his health. May Allah bless your life, and guide us all to the straight way.

The time that flew by... It is almost a month of the new semester already. I am beginning to realise a weakness that I have: arranging my time well. As I got caught up with activities, i find myself unable to focus that much on my studies. I hope I can overcome this soon. For it is vital as the stuff I learn increases everyday. Rabbi yassir wa la tu'assir ya karim..

Another add-on of my time management.. something that makes me wonder a lot.. will He accept my activities in my 'busy' time now? Will they be considered as a deed which can be counted to my account in the next life?

Rasulullah said:
Tidak ada satu hari pun yang fajarnya menyinsing kecuali ia pasti mengatakan,”wahai anak Adam, aku adalah ciptaan baru yang menjadi saksi atas amal perbuatan kalian. Berbekallah dengan menggunakan kesenpatan yang ada, kerana sesungguhnya aku tidak akan kembali lagi hingga hari kiamat.”
Waktu itu terbatas, dan perbuatanmu setiap waktu akan dihitung. ”Para malaikat siang dan malam secara bergiliran sentiasa mengawasimu.

Oh yes... before i end for the day, I'd like to congratulate the college's junior debate team on the superb results for the VC cup tournament. You guys are great! And also.. thanx a lot for a very nice friend of mine, whom I always 'kacau' every time I have to sleep at the main college to train the juniors and to go to meetings. Jazakillah dearest ukhtie..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Been Tagged...

I've been tagged... by Huda.
Though i'm taking a bit of time to answer. so sorry ye..

So.. here are the answers.. (btw.. sorry for the Malay and English rojak. I used to dislike rojak language as well, but sometimes they can't be avoided.. *sigh*)

[1*] Berapa lama anda dah sertai usrah?

Hm.. that's a tough question. I've been following study circles of my Ummi ever since i can remember. Thank you, Ummi, for tirelessly letting me tag along, despite always getting noisy and all back then.
Yet, I think I started to become committed to them ever since I left school. Sure, there are compulsary study circles at school as well, yet the need for them (from what I felt back then) was not as much before, as when I entered Matriculation and university. I began to feel that study circles are essential, for it acts as a safety harness, and as a light to guide my way into the world of teenager and adulthood, avoiding me from getting astray.

[2*] Bagaimana anda boleh sertai usrah?
Apart from the time where i tag along my ummi...
I had joined one ever since primary school, as a cumpolsary extra-curriculum (well...sort of) there. Then also in my years of secondary school girl. I really enjoyed them though, despite being something 'wajib'.
Then thanx Allah's help and to my parent's friends, i manage to go on learning Islam and improving myself throughout matriculation and now at university. h so many flaws. Yet, I

[3*] Kenapa anda menyertai usrah?
Because........ I believe that I have already written it previously. But i'll write them again.

I think I am not that strong, to face the everyday challenges of this temporary checkpoint of my life, without a strong harness, a safety net to catch me back when i fall. I need people who can guide me, share with me on the Deen I love, so that I can improve myself, be better, and live the way of Islam. I need to find people who are willing to remind me, again and again, of my purposes. For I am a girl with so may flaws. Yet, I hope to gain His pleasure and Love.

and I aspire to colour the world with Islam. A very tough thing to do, especially in the callenges of today's world.

So... I believe, insyaAllah, i can gain these and more from the study circles.

[4*] Tiga perasaan anda setelah menyertai usrah
1. So very thankful that He have given me the opportunity to join one
2. Very happy
3. Hope to improve myself and those around me with the colours of Islam

[5*] Lima perkara yang anda dapat selama menyertai usrah
1. Get to know Allah
2. Know of my own life
3. Improve my self.. my character..
4. Try to share what I gain with others
5. Meet very nice people.. who do not mind your flaws, and try to improve you, and would not mind sharing our knowledge of Islam to improve each other (others will call it skema!)

Peraturan Tag:
1. Setiap blogger mesti letakkan peraturan ini di hujung entri
2. Blogger yang ditag perlu menjawab soalan-soalan yang dikemukakan
3. Blogger yang ditag perlu meletakkan jawapan di dalam entri blog masing-masing
4. Jangan lupa untuk tag rakan-rakan blogger yang lain
5. Jangan lupa untuk maklumkan bahawa mereka telah ditag dan perlu membaca blog anda
6. Blogger yang ditag dikehendaki untuk tag lima orang blogger yang lain

Hm...... and I'm tagging....
1. Kak Fazira
2. Kak Jijah
3. BroMuhammad
4. Ukhti Aminah M
5. Kak Safiyah

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Brother Admitted to Hospital (again..)

Just got a call from my mom today.. my bro was admitted to hospital again...
He's admitted in KL, so I'm able to visit him often, alhamdulillah. Though my parents have to miss their work for a few more days.
just have to manage my time more wisely now. Juggling between my studies, my visits and other stuff.
May you get better soon, dear brother. And may Allah give you strength to overcome the illness, insyaAllah... For the readers.. please pray that he can get better soon, and go back to school as usual.
All this remind me to thank Him for my health. Sometimes we forgot bout all that He gave us until they are taken away from us by Him. May we still be thankful of what we have, no matter what our situation is.

"By (the token of) time (through the ages). Verily mankind is in a state of loss, except those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth and of patience and constancy."

Just a Quranic verse to ponder upon... have we used our time wisely??

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
"Take benefit of five before five:

your youth before your old age,
your health before your sickness,
your wealth before your poverty,
your free-time before your preoccupation,
and your life before your death."

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When I Say... "I am a Muslim"

just a lovely poem from Queensland Muslim times (re-post from my friendster blog)

when i say...i am a Muslim,
i am not shouting "down with Christians and Jews"
i am whispering "i seek peace"
and Islam is the path that i choose.

when i say ...I am a Muslim,
i speak of this with pride
and confess that sometimes i stumble,
and need Allah to be my guide.

when i say ..i am a Muslim,
I'm not boasting of success,
I'm acknowledging that Allah has rescued me,
and i cannot ever repay the debt.

when i say ...i am a Muslim
I'm not claiming to be perfect,
my flaws are indeed visible
but Allah forgives because his followers are worth it

when i say...i am a Muslim
it does not mean i will never feel pain
i still have my share of heartaches
which is why i invokes Allah name

when i say ..i am a Muslim,
i do not wish to judge
i have no such authority
my duty is to submit to Allah's all encompassing love

-May His love become ours abadan abada!!-

Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Time Starts Once Again

The new semester had begun.... Holidays are over. So... i guess, no more playing games, it is time to get serious, set targets and go for them. This year... I'm no more a freshie. No more the first year newbe who does not know much of the system at university. Already feeling old (hehehe...)

Yes, growing up. Learning the routes of life. Hope to become better. To improve as a person, as a student, as a daughter to my parents, as a friend, and most importantly, as a servant to Him, the Creator of all that in the universe. As time increase, so does responsibilities. So, we ourselves must improve. A muslim is always better today, then yesterday. And better tomorrow than today. Am I improving myself? The question popped inside my head again and again.

Talking bout that... These are some resolutions for this uni year (not exact ones, but somewhat general. an exact one will be too personal to write here..)

1. To improve my ibadah, increase khusyu' and more sunnah, plus read more Islamic books
2. To obtain a high pointer this semester
3. Try to help out spreading this deen to those around me
4. Try to buy less stuff (I have this weakness in shopping for hijab, t-shirt and books *sigh*)
5. Use my time better and more wisely
6. Improve my writing skills

May we all get to improve, increase our iman, obtain our dreams. The important thing is to always try our best. (this advice is especially for the on typing this entry). That's all for now... May Allah help us in the steps towards obtaining His love...
Smile! (^_^)

a/n: sorry for the sudden melachony.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Story of an Iraqi Baby

This is the story that must be told
of an Iraqi baby, not very old.

Lying in her crib one star lit night
How could she know of those planes in flight?

She lay there quietly touching her nose,
Watching her mobile, wiggling her toes,

Oohing and cooing, so sweetly is she,
Talking to someone, who could it be?

An angel is standing with her in the room.
The baby is smiling, unaware of her doom.

The crib starts to shake and the mobile goes round.
And suddenly comes a most deafening sound.

The ceiling drops in, in a second or two ...
On top of her crib so she ceases to coo ...

No one knows how long she lie there
Who thought about it? doesn't anyone care?

Is she alive? is she dead? Is she in any pain?
Now that you mention it, who knows her name?

Her name is Amal. In English we say Hope.
Crushed between the rubble,her tiny fingers start to grope.

Where is my mommy? I love her so dear
Come, get me mommy! It's dark in here!

I'm scared and I'm hungry and I can't see my feet.
There's blood in my mouth! Give me something to eat!

Where is my daddy? Where's my big brother?
It hurts when I breath! Where is my mother?!

How long have I been here? Is this just a dream?
I open my mouth, but can't even scream.

That angel appears once again to my side,
This time with a tear I plead Why have I died?

Am I alone in my sufferings? No, there are many others.
In our grief and our misery, we are sisters and brothers.

Who are we? I ask you ... for what crime did we die?
They're throwing a party! Doesn't anyone cry?!

Is it True? Am I nothing?! How could it be?
Don't they also have babies, just like me?

It is war they say, of which death is part.
How blind they've become, How hardened of heart.

Did someone say hero? To whom do they speak?
A victory claimed for killing the weak?!

Why are they happy? Why are they proud?
Don't they know that I'm cold in my burial shroud?!

No war has been won; No ifs, buts, or maybes,
They've Only Killed Babies!!!!

Signed Me,
An Iraqi Baby

Thursday, July 3, 2008

>> Reflection <<

Why is it so hard to tell the truth...yet so easy to tell a lie?

Why do we sleep in the Masjid, but when the khutbah is over we suddenly wake up?

Why is it so hard to talk about Allah... yet so easy to talk bout the latest show on tv?

Why are we so bored to read the Holy Quran...but so easy to read a magazine?

Why is it so easy to delete a Islamic offline messages ...yet we forward the jokes?

Why are Masjids getting smaller...but yet bars and clubs are growing??

>I'm just forwarding this message. but I believe that it is a very good reminder to us all, reflecting back ourself of the instances stated above, and many more.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KERIS 2008 (Part II)

Lets see... where should I start...

Well, i decide to begin by telling a bit of a background of the school and its students, as told by the teacher who asked me and my friends to help at the school. The school is very new, just 4 years old. Its pupils are mostly Chinese, with only 30% of them Malay. So.. the idea of the camp, which stands for
Kem Remaja Islam, or KERIS was first brought up by a teacher who saw the pressing need for the 30% of the Malay population to increase their knowledge of Islam, as their way of life. With a hope that they will be more aware of what becoming a Muslim means, as well as to gain more knowledge on excelling themselves as Muslims are supposed to be excellent in everything they venture.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I was feeling quite unprepared, yet the teacher in charge of the camp, Cikgu Zamree prepared us a bit, telling us of some of the students problems and such. The girls, as what he told us, did not really understand Islam that much. A few shaved their eyebrows... while quite a few did not really understand about 'aurah, covering their hair only inside schools. Yes, maybe something very common in normal public schools, yet me, and also the rest of the facilitators, have not much chance to meet these types of teenagers, as we are mostly from Islamic schools or boarding schools before entering university.

One of the first activity: Ice breaking -
The students are still a bit reluctant to leave the comforts of their home at the time

Yet, upon facing the students for the first time, I discovered that they are all the same with many of us... nice, eager to get to know us all, and very friendly. Many were helpful as well. Well.. I was taken aback. No, I don't mean to say that I was expecting them to be all problematic. But I realized then that most of them are nice, just like any other people elsewhere.

However.. I had been able to realize soon after, during an LDK session on the second day, that these students need people who can tell them about Islam. They need us to show them what being a Muslim truly means. No, not the exam/sylabus Islam, but the real Islam, one they can relate to at every step of their journey in life.

For many of them, when asked generally of the three basic questions of where are we from, why are we here, and where are we going to go to in the end, they can perhaps only answer confidently the last question. Which is very sad. For these basic questions is why Islam is sent to us. They are lacking of people who can truly guide them to see what Islam really means. Yes, they need us to be there to tell them. Suddenly at that point, I realized that, the two nights and three days we're spending with them is not enough. Not enough to guide them to see the light of Islam. A deen, which, as rightfully pointed out by a participant, is now only left to them as an inheritance. A very scary reality indeed. I wish for these kind girls and guys to see the beauty of Islam, to feel Allah's kindness in showering his Rahmah to them all.

Sadly... not many people realize this now.. I hope I can help out. Yet.. how much can I do?

Of course, as most camps, there are many other activities besides just talks and group work. The participants enjoy themselves with treasure hunt and morning aerobics as well as a few other activities, all with an attempt made by their teachers to make the activities more Islamic than usual. Oh yes... not forgetting the reflections time the last night we were there, where I hope the students were able to at least reflect the life they had have. I personally reflected quite a lot of my life as well, and admittedly, cried. Cried for forgetting to be thankful as often as I should have, and for hoping for more and more, without realizing that Allah had given me so much already.

But I enjoyed the chances of eating with these new friends of mine most. For I was able to talk to them and interact more, than any other time. Thanx to Cikgu Zamree, we were all able to mingle with the students a lot while eating, as he was the one insisting us to eat together. I got a few chance to discover many bubbly personalities under these girls initial shyness, and many other things.

Alhamdulillah.. thank you to Cikgu Zamree, who invited us there, despite the fact that we're all inexperienced. And not forgetting my friends who invited me along, and shared many of their own jewels in helping these teenagers navigate their way through life's challenges ahead.
A special thanx to Allah the Almighty; who deserved most of my thanks for giving me the chance to be there, meeting them and gaining a valuable experience of today's reality. Also for letting me understand and guiding me to this path now. May all of us stay in this path towards Him until the end, insyaAllah. May all uf us are given the strength by Allah to work untiringly in upholding Islam...regardless of where we are, or whatever our future may be.

I hope that the students will find and be grateful for the deen inside their hearts, and be successful, not only here, but most importantly in the hereafter. Insya-Allah, if Allah permits me, I will go back to the school some day, to meet again these teenagers who have made a difference in my life. Opening my mind to the reality of the ummah, who mostly do no realize of Islam, though many are very kind at heart.

**sorry for the really long entry, and the many mistakes or repetitions.. Must be coz i'm already sleepy. Sorry again.. (^_^)