Thursday, October 21, 2010

Count Your Blessings!

I did not go to my practical clinic session today.  I had a headache. Some sort of fever, and very runny nose.  It's been on and of for a while, around ten days, perhaps.  But some days are indeed worse than others.  Well, today seems like one of the bad days...

With my head pounding, it gets me thinking of the days.  The days when I am healthy and energetic.  Well, looking back, I feel bad.  Because I often forget to thank ALlah for the many days I am well.  I did not utilize the time He gave me being healthy, to its maximum.  Caught guilty, indeed.

In a way, although being sick is not nice, it serves as a sharp reminder.  A reminder to utilize time to the fullest.  A reminder, to count your blessings, and really thank The Most Gracious for them.  A reminder, that we are indeed so fragile, and so weak, that we do really need Allah at every step of the way.

I'm reminded of a hadeeth (not the exact translation):
 Remember five before five: the times you are healthy, before you are sick.  The times you are young, before old.  When you are rich, before you are poor. The times you are free, before you are busy. And life, before your death.
 I actually have a lot to do...just to reflect for a while.   Hoping for your du'as.

Going back to my piles of assignments and study (exam is coming up!).

May Allah bless.  Assalamualaikum...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jamuan Raya... Do forgive me!


I didn't go. so sorry to let you guys down. I know, it is indeed the last year we'll enjoy Hari Raya together as students, hence the last jamuan Raya as a class, too. But can't go. Because to me it didn't seem right.

Lasting memories..
Thanks a lot everyone!
Love u all, for HIS sake...

Yeah, it does not seem right.  To my principles, at least.  Of what I understand of how Allah allows me to deal with different genders.  Yes, I know, my views might be rigid.  Yet this is what I hold on to, since I was in school.  What I try to uphold, despite failing to do so, many times these years in university.  

What is it that I try to hold on to?  That Allah s.w.t.'s words "do not come near zina" entails me to limit my communication with the opposite gender.  No, not that I cannot be friends with men, but I try to deal with men, when required.  This does not mean that I don't care what happens to my classmates of the different gender. I do care.  But it means limiting unnecessary talks, discussions, and laughter.  This is how I understand, from my teachers and parents, since form 3.  This, is where I learn and draw my own guideline to my social rules.

As I said, I failed so many times already.  No one else's fault but mine, of course.   The chatterbox who enjoys chatting to people, and laugh quite often, too.  Yet I tried my hardest to stay true to this principle.  Truth be told, each time I realized I went way overboard (in my own view) I was sad.  Really sad.

Thus I decide not to come.  Not because I care not.  Not because of the many loads of assignments (oh, I know, you have as much as I do, if not more!).  I love all of you, a lot.  I wish to spend time with you guys too, share and build up memories of the times we have together as classmates.  But to me the Jamuan is against my principles, and I believe that Allah does not allow me to be part of it.   I have so many faults, that I dare not pile them up, and get Allah angry. 

Forgive me!  and I love you all, and I pray, that Allah will give all of us, you and me, happiness and blessings, here and in the next life.  

Let us try our fullest to live the way he wants, and love HIM, above all else.

May ALlah bless!