Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Remember Them??

 Reminded. About them again.  I had wanted to do so much, but sometimes time just keep flying by. So now I managed to wirte something, alhamdulillah... for me to remind MYSELF, first of all, and also for you.  For us to ACT, not just talk.  As a brother once said... let's walk the talk. Yes, as you have seen from the picture below, let us remember them. The Palestinians, and the siege imposed on them.

On Gaza crisis:
"it's far beyond humanitarian. It's much more serious. You can address a humanitarian crisis with medicines and food; this is far more serious. It's a crisis of the economy first of all -- people are very poor. It's a crisis of the institutions and it's a crisis of the infrastructure. This requires years to fix." - Filippo Grandi, commissioner-general of the UN agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA)

Don't forget them.  Not now, when we are happy celebrating Eid (still).  Not when we are blessed with happiness.  Neither when we are busy with our day-to-day activities of classes or work.  Nor when we are faced with difficulty and challenges.  For in reality, they are suffering more. So much more.  Do your part!

1. Boycott!!
- movies (Hollywood ones, esoecially)
- Fast food chains (there are listed elsewhere)
- Bags, clothes, accessories
- Food and other stuff associated with Zionists

2. Pray!! (Du'aa) 
Pray for these innocent kids... who face difficulty every day, 
studying with the lack of papers... of books.  
Pray for the toddlers who are forced to stay thirsty due to the lack of clean water
Pray for the babies, who lost their fathers and mothers in bombings and prisons

Pray for them, the Palestinians.  
That they may be freed from the open prison of endless walls
They are human beings too, with dreams, families, love, and a hope for peace
Most importantly, they are our brothers and sisters.

Pray for the safety of the third Masjid, Masjidil Aqsa
To be safe from the hands of Zionists
To be sturdy through the deceit and lies
The bombs, and tunnels they plan.

3. Spread the words. 
The fight against Zionists, and the cruelty faced by Palestinians which is blatantly, inhumanely done.  Write. Tell your friends. Organize campaigns in your area.  

4. DONATE! what you can. 
Use the money you usually spend elsewhere (for Starbuck coffee or the movies, perhaps?) and donate to humanitarian aid fighting to end the Palestinian siege.  You can donate to:  

Lifeline 4 Gaza: Second Freedom Flotilla

Account number : 5644 9020 8528
Bank : Maybank Berhad

Read more on the upcoming mission on: 

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