Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She’s Only A Mother

You never see the tears that she's about to cry -- 
instead she turns her head to hide them. 

You never see the times she stills away to her secret 
closet to pray -- 
instead she invites you in to just talk. 

You never see how her shoulders are sagging 
from heavy burdens -- 
instead she gives you those shoulders to cry on. 

You never see the aches in her heart 
when her children rebel -- 
instead she gives them more patience and love. 

You never see the hand she pulls back 
when she's rejected -- 
instead she continues to lend a "helping" hand. 

You never see the aches in her hands from grasping 
and holding on when she feels like giving up -- 
instead she folds those same hands and prays even more. 

You never see the aches in her knees and forehead from 
praying for others -- 
instead she spends even more time on her knees. 

You never see the fears she has of being 
a "disappointment" -- 
instead she prays for more power and a sound mind. 

You never see any of these things 
and she doesn't want you to-- 
After all, she's only "a mother". 

"Paradise lies beneath those tiring feet". 

'Not even 'Uff' must be signalled as abuse to her'. 

"Oh Allah have mercy on them as they were compassionate to me during childhood!" 

>> A poem which made me cry the first time I heard it. Back during Qiamullail at school when I was in form 3.


^inas^ said...

wonderful poetry...
can be used for my mom's coming besday.. (=_=)

et said...

luv my mom..d only place i got rite now..luv u mak~

cry till d last tears after reading dis poem,huhuu~ (poyo) tp, mmg bez..

by d way, dlu2 de ek poem ni? x hengat..