Friday, August 21, 2009

Video: Seasonal Muslims

my friend had just gave me a link to an interesting video indeed.
just want to share it with everyone here..

Let us try to be Full Time Muslims,
starting from NOW, insyaAllah..

let's make this Ramadhan a stepping stone to become a better Muslim, and a better servant who love Allah, and who He loves..



that just gave me a blow sis! lol! i love that energy he channels out from the video~ should reach right to the hearts ^^

^inas^ said...

Tidurlah orang yang berpuasa tetap dalam ibadat dan diamnya dianggap tasbih dan amalnya dilipatgandakan dan doanya mustajab dan dosanya diampunkan - riwayat al-baihaqi

salam ramadhan~

(video is buffering... waiting.. :-p )