Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Spectacles… and More!

I have been silent for more than three weeks now... (well, maybe almost four). Forgive me for the lack of articles for the past month.

The semester break is over, and yes, the leisure time's up. I had to admit, this semester is tougher than the last, and yes, more pressure to. Third year of university is definitely not a breeze. I hope to do well, too. So I have had to do quite a lot of studying compared to last semester.

The term 'busy' this semester, does not really focus on my studies only. This semester, I hope to focus fully on amal islami as well. Juggling the two together is, admittedly, quite a handful. Yet I hope I may be able to do it. No… correction. I hope that, with strength from Allah, I may be able to do it.

Anyways… here's an entry from me. Something which I hope will substitute for the month long silence.

The door creaked open. A 20-year old girl with a merry smile entered, humming a tune. She greeted her housemates cheerfully. Evidently, she was elated. The reason? She had just brought a new pair of spectacles. A very nice pair too, for it was quite expensive, and is said to last for quite a while.

From that day onwards, she wore the glasses unfailingly, spending most of her waking hours with them on. At least, other than the times when she was praying or taking a shower, that is.

One morning, waking up from sleep, she discovered that her spectacles were missing. She was not very worried, for she was forgetful sometimes, but her things would normally turn up again after a while. Yet the glasses did not turn up at all, even when she got worried and searched high and low for them.

As days go by, the girl felt at loss without her spectacles. Thankfully it was during the holidays, so she would not need her spectacles on to see her lecture notes. She had to admit though, that she had taken her spectacles for granted all this while. She had not really thought of thanking Allah for the spectacles that Allah gave her to use, nor did she utilize them fully to seek for Allah's pleasure.

A week after the incident, the girl made a new pair of spectacles. Putting them on, she was delighted that the world become so sharply focused, and she was able to see everything so clearly again. There is no need to squint in order to observe things, no second guessing who are around her, and no more leaning so near to the computer screen in order to see the screen well. Smiling, she repeatedly said alhamdulillah.

She can see everything easily now, with her spectacles on. This time, she vowed to thank Allah fully for them, and use them for His sake…

We have had received so many things in life from Allah. Some things which we use regularly and some which we cherish and keep carefully. Some which we enjoy daily and others we neglect. Yet how many of these gifts have we thanked Allah for? Did we even feel and believe that our belongings and possessions are really from Allah, to begin with? Did we feel the need to use these gifts as tools and methods to get closer to Him, and to obtain His love?

Let us sit back and ponder upon the bounties from Allah. Thank Him for them, before they are taken away from you. Utilize them well to gain His pleasure and to gain Jannah, before you were asked in the day of judgement, "What did you do with the many things He showered you with?" and you were unable to answer. Nauzubillah

These gifts come in many different forms. It may be something as simple as a pair of glasses and a pair of shoes, or something we cherish, such as our laptops and hard disks, or something which Allah give to us alone, such as a special talent, or it may even be our intellect and even the gift of Islam. It may even be the ability to sleep, to be healthy, and to see and enjoy life itself. The list is endless.

Have we been thankful for all this and more?

Thank You, Allah!

"O Allah, forgive me for not thanking You for all the ni'mah (gifts) You have given me, the opportunities that You allow me to have, the family that You shower with Your love, the friends that care about me, the knowledge that You allow me to seek, and most importantly. For the gift of iman which You allow me to enjoy. Thank you, Allah, for all these, and many more… You are indeed the Most Gracious, Most Merciful."

This is an award from two friends, from quite a while ago.. thank you to both ukhtie Atiqah and ukhtie Sha (both of them gave me the same award). Jazakillahukhair to both of you..

This is all for now… please pray for me. I hope that, by His will, I may be able to write more soon, insyaAllah.



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like me.. someone who always needs reminders...

criestz said...

i still in mood 'holiday'
hampehnye uitm...

so eat carrot girl..
or salad so no need to use a spectacles

yah ALLAH has His plan rite..
so just follow de flow..

n 1 more.. take ur award at my blog.. 3 award for u ok.. =)

Hasanah said...

Salam :) Nice article, sis! Keep it up :D

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