Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Apologize

Assalamualaikum wbt... In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful.

Just a post to say... I'm sorry. To everyone who know me, virtually or in reality. Sorry for any mistakes I had made. Sorry for the hurt I may have caused. And sorry if, by any chance, anything I had done had hurt or offend any of you, in any way.

For those who went to any schools, camps or workshops with me, and for those who travelled together with me during the holidays, I'm sorry if I was noisy. Sorry if I ask too many questions, interrupted too often, or talked too much.

I am me. Though I try to improve, I know that I cannot change all at once. Plus… what I do, at the time, was what I felt was right.

I talked of Islam, of da'wah, and tarbiyah, not because I am perfect. Nor because I am a girl who had done so much herself. No, I am also just a girl who still have much to learn. But I share, because I care. Because I would dearly love my friends to understand what these matters mean, and to get involved in working for Islam as well. Furthermore, I wish that we can work together, in upholding this deen, and meet again in Jannah, insyaAllah. For I know that, despite the hardships of this road, at the end, Allah had promised His Pleasure and His paradise. Also because I hope, that one day, if I forget, someone will be there to remind me, and pull me back up in this path.

Then again, I know that sometimes, I do say things which is inapropriate, or unnecessary. And sometimes, because I am too direct, I tend to say things that may hurt people. I am trying to improve, but this does take time. So, I apologize. I admit that I talk without thinking first, at times. Forgive me for that, as well.

There are many other things about me, weaknesses which I am trying to overcome, and strength that I intend to, hopefully, improve on. Forgive me for the weaknesses, and do remind me, to help me improve myself. I am me, and I cannot change overnight. For who I am now, is based on the past experiences I have, the places I travelled to, and the understandings and beliefs which I hold to. Yet, I am trying to improve, to be a better girl, a better daughter, a better friend, a better citizen, a better Muslimah, and most importantly, be a better servant to Allah. Thus, I welcome you to help me along the journey. Lead me on, and guide me towards His pleasure.

Before I end, I'd like to repeat, I am sorry, everyone.

And Jazakumullahukahiran kathira, to those of you who have helped me so far. May Allah reward your deeds…

Forgive me..



Anonymous said...

Everyone completes others. Nobody is perfect. Those are the colours of J. Asking questions of us can help others know more... By the way, you're my best friend in da world. Uhibbukifillah, my dear!!


sinar_islami said...

Takmil wa istikmal
that is the most importnt element in life ukhtie..
nothing wrong with that..
keep on asking..keep on improving
InsyaAllah..we will alwys and alwys be on your side..

miyammor said...

well we are just human dear~
dont we all make mistakes?
your apologies taken,
hehe. its not like i need that.
i am too, for everything..

mish u already!

hood@sunny said...

huhu, like da sount from my heart tooo

i-allah. ikhlas lah.. buatlah sesuatu hanya kerana DIA


Bukan kerna rimas pandangan manusia, atau takut x diterima semua ..
rabbuna ma3aki~

Besi the heartless said...

aduss..knp pg2 akk online jumpe lak surat cinta syahdu ni.. its ok, slowly slow my dear. just be urself. sama2 kita betulkan dr kita ya.. sayang padamu..

p/s:klu suke pki bj merah tu, amik je la. bole ingt akk slalu.huhu

Humayra' said...

me to am:
jazakillahukhair ukhtie..
uhibbuki fillah aidhan

me to sinar_islami:
yup.. takmil wa istikmal.
the beauty of working together.
just writing this, because sometimes i do make mistakes though. in a lot of stuff.
thanks ukhtie..

me to miyammor
miss u too..
wish we can meet up soon.
bile la ek?

Humayra' said...

me to hood:
jazakillah for the reminder ukhtie.
yg penting for HIM rite?
may Allah accept all our deeds

me to Besi (xreti la pggl akk cmni):
akk.. tegur2 la ana ek..
huhu.. sayang akk juga! (^_^)
btw.. bju tu dh mintak ummi pulangkan, tpi die x smpat bg lg.. btul ke nak bg ni? hehe..

Besi the heartless said...

amek je la baju tu. anti cam suke je baju tu..akk nk belajar berkorban lebih. bagi barang yang paling kita suke pada org lain. bantu akk ye..akak xpernah bg anti ape2 pun lagi..

Khairiah said...

My dearest ukhti Ruqayyah, terharunya baca post ni(TT)..ana pun minta maaf atas segala kekurangan diri selama kita bersama..alhamdulillah Allah bg peluang utk ana jumpa insan seperti anti..byk yg ana dpt dari anti.rindunya;)InsyaAllah..sama2 kita perbaiki diri.

Humayra' said...

me to besi:
akk.. dh bnyk la yg akk bagi..
xpe, bju tu akak amek ye..

me to k. khairiah:
it's nice meeting u too. ana rasa ana lg bnyk blaja dgn akak. miss u too dear ukhtie..

My Heart said...

Terharunya, ana terasa buat diri ana sama...semoga kita sentiasa kuat di jalan ini, insyaAllah...

ummu_ammar said...

dear u..

Ana minta maaf juga ya ruqayah...
Mari kita bersama bersatu menuju jannah.. Moga kita diredhaiNya..
THanx for visiting me n tinggalkan jejak..

me; yg jarang juga tinggalkan kesan disini..

siti zainab said...

maafmu diterima...