Monday, May 4, 2009


Got a tag from

So.. here it is.. (btw.. i’m not tagging anyone else kot..huh)

1. Fill in the info required below
2. Copy it onto your blog, inform your tagger so you can get the result-analysis
3. Copy the result of the tag onto your blog (preferably under your answers!)
4. You may tag other people, but make sure they don't read the result-analysis first!

-The Tag-

Let's imagine that you like to read books and watch documentaries about aliens..
So you somewhat have 'background schemata' about aliens..
and one day - you just got lucky (or unlucky)
you've been selected by alien forces to take a one-way trip to their dimension.
yes, one-way trip.
and you can't refuse their invitation because you've been 'selected'.
(that means even if you don't want to go, they'll still 'take' (read: illegally abduct) you.

as a dramatic add-on to your departure, the aliens assigned you to compose a semi-autobiographical goodbye note for all of those whom you are leaving behind, according to the questions below:

1.a list of things you like/liked best:

person: my parents (of course!)
colour: peach, red, black
number: um... any number will do
clothing: my wardrobe.. (is that allowed?)
food: mum’s spaghetti
pastime/activity/hobby: reading and writing, surfing the net
music: ‘The Prophet’s Hands’ (Dawud’s), ‘Atas Nama Cinta’ (UNIC), ‘Setanggi Syurga’ (inTEAM) and ‘Saujana’ (saujana)
book: In The Early Hours by Khurram Murad, Guide to Personal Tarbiyah, VT by Hilal Asyraf, Rooftop Rant by Hlovate, RADHA by Rynsa... (the list can go on forever!)
hangout place: anywhere that’s not noisy and crowded
friend: aniem, maryam, izyan, fatin, saeideh...
movie: The Message, Muhannad at-Tohir, Sang Murabbi, Spy Kids, Baby Genius, What a Girl Wants

2. things you wished you did more of:
More amal soleh and get myself closer to HIM

3. your final message to _________ (fill in as many messages to as many people you like, i.e: to my little sis, I'm sorry we quarrelled a lot...)
just... sorry everyone.. n take care of ur iman, amal and health! And may the aliens send me back.. (is that possible?)

>> a very illogical piece of tag, but i finished it, so.. hope u’re happy flint! And sorry if it is a bit late..

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