Monday, May 4, 2009

.:: Just a Phrase ::.

It is just a phrase

Quite a short one indeed

Yet, many were killed because of it

Many others were scared of it

Some refused to utter it

While others, become changed men after saying it.

How did they change?

They became braver

They are suddenly closer to one another

They don’t mind being hated

Nor do they mind being hit, abandoned, or threatened

Their hearts were always calm

No matter what storms they must endure

As a price for believing, and declaring the phrase

At the end...

Because of the phrase

More than a quarter of the world

Is in their hands

Yes, a brand new civilization was built

Built on the pillars of

The simple phrase

A civilization filled with harmony

Enveloping peace and calmness to its residents

Promoting the spread of knowledge

Be it science, history, and geography

Encouraging the growth of the economy

Overflowing with trust, kindness and honesty.

Hundreds of years had past

The civilization had lost its glorious days

Although the phrase is still around

Declared by many men throughout the globe

Yet... now it had really become

JUST a phrase...

What IS the phrase??

>> take a guess... I’ll post it up in my next entry, insyaAllah...


Nadiah::Syaimaa'::Hamizah said...

lailahaillallah i guess?


fami said...

the phrase is ISLAM? no, islam is a word...