Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is it Really JUST a Phrase? (Part 2)

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  1. Syahadatain is an oath/ pledge

    Syahadatain is a lifetime pledge of commitment. A pledge to accept any RISKS and CONSEQUENCES that is involved with uttering the syahadatain. It is to serve and stand by, no matter what, to what Allah and His prophet (PBUH) have commanded, to protect, and to uphold the word of Allah.

    The first few Muslims of Makkah had realized the consequences that they must face when they say the syahadatain. They knew that their faiths will be challenged, and they will be tested with so many trials. Yet, they stood firm on their faiths, determining to uphold their pledge to Allah and His prophet. The best example form this firm determination and braveness in facing the risk of syahadatain is Sumaiyyah, the first women to die while remaining firm to her belief. She had been tortured and punished by Abu Jahal, all the while forcing her and her family to return to their old faith of worshipping idols. But she stood her ground, and was finally killed.

    Perhaps, some of you do not any risks or consequences of us saying the syahadatain. We are surrounded by Muslims. Even our Prime Minister is a Muslim. Our parents, siblings, etc are all believers, alhamdulillah. Then again… take a look around us. Look at the Palestinians. They are Muslims too. What about the Filipino Muslims and South Thai Muslims? These are the risks they face in saying the syahadatain, and trying to uphold the syahadatain. Do we sit back and just be the onlookers of their plight? This, I leave all of u to ponder…

    On another note, actually there are still consequences which we have to face by saying the syahadatain. This is because, despite the masses who claim to be Muslim, Islam is neither a trend, nor the current system in favor nowadays. For the system of jahiliyyah had returned. Hence, in upholding Allah's commands as our way of life, the risks we have to take is in being different from everyone else, the risk of doing things outside the norms, and the risks of having to stand up and refusing to do things which is forbidden by Allah. As an example, for a teenager living in the midst of the urban city of Kuala Lumpur, if she really understands the syahadatain and wants to make Allah as her Ilah, she had to face her people's stares if she dresses according to the Islamic dress code, to be able to refuse the temptations of joining in the nightlife in KL, and withstand the jeers from those around her, and to be able to be firm when some guy ask her out on a date, despite the guy being a very charming and handsome lad. These are risks indeed, especially to a teenager.

    These are all consequences of trying to live by the syahadatain in our day-to-day dealings. It is never easy, yet the fruits for those who succeed will be sweet. This is a promise from Allah. The fruits of Imaan, and the gift from Allah, happiness of the heart and paradise in the next life… Aren't these great things worth fighting for?

Let us not make syahadatain to be left as only JUST a phrase to be said five times a day (or maybe more!) in our prayers. Let us not just say is as if it is nothing more than empty chatter. Let us take this phrase seriously, as the first generation had. For then, and only then, will the ummah rise again, as strong as it once was. A strength injected by the will to live and upheld the phrase: THERE IS NO ILAH BUT ALLAH, AND MUHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH.

Let our hearts be aware.. let our imaan be awake, each time we say the syahadatain. Remember the phrase, its implications and consequences. Remember, and live by them. May Allah bless us all, and may our hearts remain firm in this path, despite the many trials and tribulations, insyaAllah...

>> forgive me for the mistakes I made in any way… I hope this article is useful. Actually, this is written for myself especially, and as a reminder to all of the readers reading this… I'm not perfect myself, but trying to be. Trying to live by the syahadatain. May success be ours here and in the next life, insyaAllah…

Refrence: Materi Tarbiyah utk Remaja by Izzatul Jannah


Humayra' said...

there is a mistake in the numbering there.. it is supposed to be 3 instead of 1.. sorry.. (^_^)

fami said...

it's better for a Muslim to try to be perfect in whatever they do, than to be ignorantly accept the "i-dont-want-to-be-hypocrite' idea, which will somehow render your innerguide to be blatantly misleading, just for the sake of "trying-to-be-me".

well, being yourself is good. but why won't you be the better you, when you can be one?

inas said...

i guess this really helps..
most ppl just say the phrase but they dont get the meaning.