Friday, March 13, 2009

>> Quote of The Day <<

Just sharing a new quote from 'Hlovate'...

To live hell or live well, WE choose

Life's not a bed of roses.  there will be storms along the way.  But remember to stick by the right path (unless if you choose otherwise), work hard and pray so that Allah will present us with a rainbow at the end of the day.  And make a change for the better.  For only WE can change ourselves, with HIS help, of course.

Allah had even said, in His loveletters... (not the exact words...)

"Allah will not change a society unless they change themselves..."

So... what's your choice?  How will you get to there?
(something for all of us to ponder..)


+akufobia+ said...

jom berubah.

Max J. Potter said...

i choose to live well. =) hello humayra. you can link me to your blog. i am honoured. *^^* btw, where did you find it? on whose page?

TheDreamer said...

I like this entry very much. Although it is short but it has deep meanings to it.
It is up to us to pave our own path in this world rite?All we can do is strive to be the best, and iA Allah will take care of the rest..

We choose to be good or bad.It is up to us rite?

besi the heartless said...

huhu..rooftop rant really give the big impact to us. live well or live well, you choose.. terngiang-ngiang dlm kpl ni lately..simple but effective. =)

Humayra' said...

to akufobia...
yes, lets change for the better.. (^_^)

Max J. Potter
me too... just trying to do it now.. which is not as easy as it sounds.. huhu

The Dreamer
glad u liked it.. yep.. the meanings are very deep indeed. thanx a lot to hlovate.. and thanks for dropping by!

besi the heartless
don't tell me u've lost ur heart kak.. hehehe.. yup.. it's often in my head too.. had been reading the book for the third time already..

Muhamad Faizal said...

But most people choose to live well to hell. They put away halal or haram, as a long as they gain banefit and profit..

I choose to survive in this world and live well in the hereafter.. InsyaAllah..

terry bogart said...

to live hell or live well...hehe

haritu baru je baca quote tu dalam buku stephen r covey

sinar_islami said...

non of the above...hehe
Addunia sijnu al-mukmin wa jannatul kafir..

striving towards His blessing & mardhatillah whatever the condition will is not fantasy ^-^ it is reality..