Saturday, December 6, 2008

Travel - See - Think! (Part II)


Marks my expedition high up

A trek thru the ‘canopy walk’

Till 41m above the ground

Weaving through tree branches

Testing my courage

And reminding me, again and again

Of Allah’s Greatness, and Perfection

Also, even high up there…

He is still close by

Taking care of every corner,

Every single leaf of every tree

Each bird that ever chirps


My dearest sis

Thank you for your quick assurance

When we read the dua’a together

Atop of the ‘rope bridge’

“Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alaLlah”

And from being scared, you became so brave

Confidently saying, ever so assuring

 “No worries, Allah will protect us”

And my own fears vanish

With a smile that you did not see

And a whisper

“Thank you, oh Allah…

For giving me a lil sis who trusts You

And reminding me as well,

That my trust in only for You…”


Pulau Manukan

Your greatest beuty

Is hidden deep inside the ocean

The vareity of fishes and corals

Of all shapes, size and colors,

Left me silent with awe

At the sight of them all


And to You, dear Lord, my thanks go

For the precious experience

Of myself, first time snorkeling

Opening up a whole new world

The underwater world

Oh, how very accurately You created

Each creature, with its own function

Different and unique

In its own special way



As time flew by

The vacation ends…

So sadly, I say,

Goodbye, Sabah

Thanks for the memmories

And thanks for the wonderful days

Hope to see you again soon…



10:30 am, 6 Dec ‘08


Bidadari_Solehah said...

wa~ mencabarnye naik jmbtn gantung..huhu.. anti takut ea =p jg dr leklok no.. jaga umi n walid juga =)

Ibnurashidi said...


Alhamdulillah, saya pernah menjejakkan kaki ke sana. Poring dan Pulau Manukan Sabah.

Masih tergambar situasi cemas pengalaman pahit yang kami sekeluarga lalui ketika bercuti di Pulau Manukan. Sungguh cantik dan mendamaikan. Tetapi punya memori pahit juga. Adik saya lemas di sana. Mujur dapat diselamatkan. Syukur.