Saturday, September 20, 2008

After a Long MIA in Blogging...

well... i'm back to writing.

so sorry for neglecting this blog in a while. I had been busy. yes, again, the ever famous excuse. But in a way... busy-ness is a part and parcel of a student's life. Assignments+quizzes+study=busy
oh yes.. and also other responsibilities.. towards Islam, family and friends...
Then there's Ramadhan... so in trying to juggle ibadah in Ramadhan and all the other activities, i decide that i had to compromise blogging for a while.

But alhamdulillah... i'm back to writing now. thanks to the early holidays we get. and just in time for the final 10days of Ramadhan too.

To all my friends... let us increase our ibadah and triple up our efforts. the Ramadhan offer of reward is coming to an end. And may we find the night which is better than 1000months, Lailatul Qadr.

>> till next post, salam ramadhan to all!

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