Thursday, May 29, 2008

What Is Jihad??

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Jihad means struggle, a resilience to established a point of victory, a holy war.

Every muslim or muslimah has a duty to established her or her own personal jihad. Jihad is a continuous fardhu ain. When the objectives of one jihad is achieved, we must strive to continue with the next jihad.. Jihad will keep our mind busy with zikrullah (rememberance of Allah) on sirat almustaqim(the straight path), which will protect us from lagho(empty mindedness) and dholalah( the stray path)

What is your Jihad??

Before we can established our jihad, we must first understand who we are, what is our primary duty and where do we begin our jihad.

You are [name bin/ti father's name], a student in [name of schools or university]. Your immediate duty is to Allah, to yourself, to your parents and to your school/ university is to become the best servant of Allah, the best motivator to yourself, the best child to your parents and the best student to your school and univeRsity. This is your JIHAD.

Where do you begin?

Your jihad begin within yourselves. Wake the sleeping mujahid within you. Prepare yourself with the strength and the tools your need to fulfill your duties. Plan your strategies and train your heart, mind and body for the ranging battle ahead. Your jihad does not end here, it will go on until your last breath. You must preserve along the path you have chosen for yourselves, the path of your jihad, your siratal mustaqim. When you have established your jihad, you must mow pursue your points of victory. Th secret is to aim high, to give your best and to accept whatever is the outcome of your jihad.

in JIHAD, there is no room for defeat... there is only victory..

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