Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Reflection...

A personal reminder to me...

How long ago have we cried for our sins? the sins that we do each day.. sometimes with promises to Allah, the Almighty to not repeat them..
and yet, we oft do repeat these mistakes..
how much have we really improved over time? as we grow older, and Death comes nearer..

how many times have we really done taubah nasuha, a taubah with a promise that we really uphold, a promise to never repeat the same mistakes..

I'm still in the process of trying. and so is many of you. trying to become better, trying to be a good Muslim/muslimah. upholding Islam, doing da'wah.. the road is far, and there undoubtedly tough... and may we get there... may we obtain Mardhatillah. insyaAllah..

Getting there is tough.. and make sure.. we do cry along the way.. to HIM, the Everknowing, who is always there..

**Sorry for the long talk.. dunno... it's just sumthing inside my head that wants to go out..

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