Monday, April 9, 2012

|| Starting Again? ||


In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful

Whew... haven't blogged in so long... Four months for that matter. Not that I've nothing to write, but just no sufficient motivation to finish writing. Plus so many hectic days.. But now I'd like to post again, for I love this blog, and I like exploring my own writings, sharing my thoughts.  I hope you will bear with my not-so-frequent updates.  I'll try and post at least once a week after this, insyaAllah. May Allah help me write something which might benefit not only myself, but also all of you as well.

For today, I'd just like to share my recent artwork.  Not that good, but I love the quote. A reminder to myself, especially.  Feel free to download or share them, but don't erase my name. ^_^

tarbiyah is never an easy path. struggles, blood, sweat n tears involved. to change ourselves and sculpt our life to what Allah love, ain't easy, for sure. But even gold n diamond are tough to create. more so the strife towards processing our heart to bow down to the Sustainer and Creator. InsyaAllah, the struggle will be worth it!

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Well... that's all for now. Food for thought, for you and me.

May Allah bless us, and guide us on the straight path.



kingspreacher said...

Welcome back dear :) hihi

What is Islam said...

welcome again...