Sunday, January 9, 2011

Supplements, Pills… and Health


Bottles upon bottles of pills.  Some gel-like, others small, and some are huge.  Variety. Of different colours, too.  She took them, one by one, swallowing them faithfully.

No, don’t worry.  She’s not a drug addict.  Nor is she on slimming pills, frantically trying to loose weigh.

She had have a fever.  It had been almost a week now, and the fever does not really seem to improve, sadly.  Supplements?  She took four different kinds.  Drugs?  Well, she went to see her physician and got plenty.

That night, as she faithfully took some pills and drank them with water, a thought dawned on her.  Pills can never make her better.  She had been mistakenly pining her hopes upon them.

What?  Then what about all the medications that had been prescribed by doctors every day, and taken by so many people throughout the world?  They cannot make people better?  Then what’s the purpose of Pharmacists?  What about all the Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical companies everywhere?

Hold it… That is not exactly what I mean. 

As a health science student, I learned all about mechanisms of actions of drugs, the types, effectiveness and so on and so forth. 

What this girl realised is, that no matter how much drug she took, no matter how many different supplements she had, only her Creator was able to make her better.   That, she had somehow forgotten.

So… are the pills useless?  Absolutely not.  But they are just tools that we use, in order to try and get better.  At the end of the day, if she had indeed recovered, it is only with the help of Allah.  Although she did try numerous means to get well.

A very important thing to remember, that no matter what, ONLY IN ALLAH SHOULD WE PIN OUR HOPES.  Hopes to be happy, to get well, to get a job, to get good spouses, and so much more. 

Yes, put our hope on HIM, and HE alone will help you get better.  Because no matter how good a drug is, or how effective a herb is for the pain you face, only Allah can make them work for you.  Only Allah can defeat the bacteria or virus that is attacking your body.  When our defence system is weak, only Allah can help make them strong again. 

You don’t trust HIM?  Then who can you trust?  Because at the end of the day, in reality, Allah had indeed created you.  Every single cell of your body.  He knows, everything.  Everything that goes into our body and out of it.

Turn to Allah.  Not only at times of sickness.  But turn to Allah for everything.  In every phase of life.  For no matter what, HE knows best. 

Put hope in Him, pray, read the Quran, make zikrullah, and remember Allah, day and nights.  By the way… al-Quran is one of the best medication available.  It reconnects us to our Creator, and Sustainar.


~Sorry… an update that is long overdue from me.  Hope this is up to your expectation.  And most of all, I hope this serves as a reminder to you, and me.

May Allah bless.

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hood@sunny said...

Salam, sis

Teringat kisah Saidatina Maryam sewaktu bersalin. Allah perintahkan supaya menggoncangkan pohon nakhlah supaya dapat tenaga daripada memakan buahnya yg gugur.

Allah nk suruh berusaha jugak, yg nak baginya Allah.. Tu je yg kita perlu yakin..

We try, but Allah treat ^___^