Friday, February 5, 2010

Look Around... and Ponder!

As human beings, we tend to forget. Forget to appreciate the things around us. The harmonious singing of birds, the cool breeze in the morning, the sun that smiles over us daily. We forget to thank the Creator, no, not just to thank Him, but also to think of Him.

Let us look around, to the many gifts He gave. The parents that we have, the freedom and peace we enjoyed, to the opportunities that Allah give, and remember Him.

He takes care of us ever so kindly, never neglecting us, allowing us to roam about, have food to eat, and a good system in our body to digest the food, have perfectly good eyes to see with, to enjoy the sights of his creations.

But how often do we sit back and remember Him? How often have we tried to bow down, humbly, as His servants?

Actually... I've been listening to this song over and over again since my close friend wrote about it in her blog. A song that have had me thinking of so many things... made me try to keep my eyes 'open' more often. More aware of Allah's presence. A lovely song indeed, especially when combined with Mr. Abu Bakr (Ruben)'s talk.

Decide to share it here.. With the hope that all of you can benifit from the song as I had.

Title: Open Your Eyes
By: Maher Zain

Look around yourselves
Can't you see this wonder
Spreaded in front of you
The clouds floating by
The skies are clear and blue
Planets in the orbits
The moon and the sun
Such perfect harmony
Lets start question in ourselves
Isn't this proof enough for us
Or are we so blind
The push it all aside..

We just have to
Open our eyes, our hearts, and minds
If we just look bright to see the signs
We can't keep hiding from the truth
Let it take us by surprise

Take us in the best way

Guide us every single day...

Keep us close to you
Until the end of time...

Look inside yourselves
Such a perfect order
Hiding in yourselves
Running in your veins
What about anger love and pain
And all the things you're feeling
Can you touch them with your hand?
So are they really there?
Lets start question in ourselves
Isn't this proof enough for us
Or are we so blind
The push it all aside

Repeat "*"

When a baby's born
So helpless and weak
And you're watching him growing..
So why deny
Whats in front of your eyes
The biggest miracle of life..

Repeat "*"


You created everything
We belong to yo0u
YA RAB we raise our hands
Forever we thank you


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Mohamad Solehin (Ibnu Bakri) said...

i also like all the songs by maher zain..