Monday, December 28, 2009

<< Story >> Trying To Be Me: Part 1

I'm sorry that I had been absent from blogsphere for so long… I'm giving a shot at story writing. A first attempt, after a really long break from story writing (I used to enjoy writing stories during secondary school – English essays and all). I cannot promise that it'll be good, but I'll give it my best shot. Here's the 1st part. Feel free to comment on any improvements I should make...

The prayer room was noisy and crowded, as always. Sitting in small groups, the girls were all chatting and laughing with friends while waiting for the call of prayer in order to perform Zuhur together. Putting my shoes away, I searched for my own group of friends, my classmates for the past three years in university. "Oh, there they are…" with a smile on my face, I went up to them.

Before I could greet anyone, Ina, the assistant class rep turned to me, "Sha, are you coming tonight?"

Looking at the puzzled expression I wore after her incomplete question, Ina's close friend, Di adds, "We're going to throw a surprise birthday party for Lina tonight. At our place. Would you like to join in?"

"That would be nice. Sure. I wouldn't want to miss it." I said enthusiastically.

"Great. You don't mind sleeping there tonight right, because we're planning on holding the party at midnight. I've got a meeting to attend to at around nine. Hence a midnight party will be nice, for then everyone can come." Di carried on.

My enthusiasm was slightly ebbed by this new information. It is not that I don't enjoy my friends' company, but I was planning to revise on the lectures that we had for the day. I began having second thoughts of going to the party, my inner self debating on whether or not I should go.

I do love socializing with my friends, and the party will be a great place for catching up with them on what they have done during the holidays. That, and also the fact that I was unable to join in the recent community service activity that most of my coursemates had gone to, just weeks earlier. On the other hand, I was planning to study the many topics that had been covered by the lecturers earlier. I realized that I cannot study if people around me are playing around.

With these contemplations in my head, I went to perform Zuhur, asking Allah to help me make the right decision, one that I would not regret later. In the end, before the final lecture for the day, I turned to Ina, and said, "Ina, I'm not too sure whether I'm able to go or not. I'll reconfirm later." Nodding her head, Ina was about to say something else when the lecturer came in.

Ina quickly scribbled me a note: "Decide quickly. We're ordering the food after this."

I sighed inwardly. Deciding to let the mater rest for a while, I focused on to the Lecturer in front. Today we're learning matters regarding Public Health. The definitions, needs and who is involved.

Thoroughly absorbed and enjoying the lecture, before I knew it, the class had ended. I gathered my things, still unable to decide.

"… So… can you guys buy them? Buy 84 sticks. That should be enough for all of us, I guess." I overheard Siti talking to Hakim as I walked by, heading towards home.

"Can everyone have the chicken satay? I love chicken satay. Plus it is easier if we order just one type of satay…" Hakim said as I went to greet Siti. 'Oh no… don't tell me that the guys are coming too…' I groaned to myself.

To be continued…


Atiqah said...

first, subhanallah its impressive..i never thought a science stud could write a good piece like this..i should ask for ur guidance..

I learned creative writing last sem..and few things i would like to share if u dont mind..
my lecturer said, to write a good story, a writer must not tell of everything directly instead show it to the readers how the movement of every steps count...

ex: The prayer room was noisy and crowded

U can describe the atmosphere of noisy and crowded instead of telling it directly..

Inject a sense of emotions, and desire in reader's mind (heart) to know what is exactly happening in the room..

overall..well done...please continue..

Humayra' said...

atiqah, thanks for dropping by. honestly.. my creative writing skills are way behind yours, i think. (^_^)

thanks for the tip. i'll try to remember it in the next few chapters of the story, insyaAllah.. (cause i feel that it isn't fair to correct it now *smile*)

may Allah bless