Thursday, November 12, 2009

Missing You…

When you miss someone, what did you do?

When you feel alone, how did you cope?

Get back to Allah. He alone may help overcome these feelings. If you feel that the 'someone' left an empty void in your heart, try to fill that void with Allah's love. Try to do things which brings you closer to Him.

What sort of things? Anything, actually. Anything that is useful as an 'amal' that brings us closer to Allah. From praying and reading the Quran to reading books and thinking of His creations.

Try to realize that… no matter where you are, no matter how lonely you feel… Allah is always there. Every second of the day. Assisting you through everyday tasks, for every step you take, and every miniscule of oxygen you inhale. He knows your fears, your weaknesses, your hopes… everything that makes you 'you'. Inside out. Hence, you are never alone, actually. Never alone, for He is always there for you.

When you try to find someone whom you can share… to Him you should turn. When you want to pour out your fears, to Him you should go. When you try to find someone to trust, in Him you can trust. No worries… He will never break the trust. And trust… that Allah has put you in a situation that He knows is best for you. Remember that no matter how bleak things are, there is always something for you to be grateful of to Him.

>> actually… this post is written by me… to myself. A reminder for myself, basically. To face the future with a smile, and yes, to remind me… that no matter how bad things seem to be, Allah is always by my side. (^_^)

Sorry if the paragraphing is somewhat weird. I'm a bit disoriented currently. Please pray that I stand strong.

May Allah bless!


Mujtahid005 said...

Thank you very much for the post!

I, too, always write posts for myself, to make me walk my talk.

A friend of mine once said, "Giving advice is like kicking a ball towards a wall; the harder your kick, the harder the ball will hit you back."

Moga ALLAH redha.

matadore said...

salam humayra sis.

yeah , i posted mine and it is for myself too.

for sometimes i feel the empitiness within me but i still cant cope with it when im still facing it sometimes.
whats wrong with my sentences i dunno.

just hoped that i could know you better .

thanks anywayy. ;)

^inas^ said...

dear sister,

it's really nice, tq. :-)

i write my blog for my own self too. for me, u dont always blog for people out there, but take it as something u can practice on many things.

sharing things is good..

Gine said...

Hey dear, thanks for dropping by. It's good to read abut how you keep faith in God at times of trial :) I learn something from you, too. Thanks for sharing and take care!

sinar_islami said...

May Allah assist u sis.. =)

"Whomever Allah guides, no one can misguide, and whomever Allah misguides, no one can guide. We put our trust in Allah and seek His forgiveness, aid, and support"